The Body Positive: What I Do To Look Like A Runway Model

Fashion model Ana Sofia has the kind of runway (and bikini) body that many women aspire to and envy: She’s not just thin; she’s toned and shapely. While her Portuguese genes aren’t doing her any disservice, her modeling assets don’t come 100% naturally, either: She puts in time at the gym and watches what she eats, especially when she has a photo shoot or show coming up. Can you do the same? Sure. But Ana Sofia’s health routine proves that looking runway-ready is a full time job (and did we mention her Portuguese genes?):

My normal fitness routine:

  • I try to work out 5 days a week, 3 of which I do at least an hour of cardio. (20 min of stairmaster, 20 of eliptycal, 20 treadmill). If I have tons of energy I´ll just run for an hour straight.
  • The other 2 days I have a trainer that kicks my butt…into shape. We use a lot of elastics to train my arms and back, we use the medicine ball, we do soooo many squats (I didn’t know there were so many different ones), and its all about the repetitions: we don’t use too much weight because I like to see myself with lean muscle, not bulky.

My normal diet:

  • I have to have my carbs, I eat bread every day (whole wheat). It’s a cultural thing: I was raised eating bread as a side at every meal. Nowadays I try to only have it in the morning.
  • I’m not a salad type of girl, so I eat meat everyday and lots of fruit.

How I prep for fashion shows and photo shoots:

My routine definitely changes depending on work. If I have fashion shows coming up I try to cut on carbs, and if I can’t, I’ll just increase my workouts. I believe I’m one of those people who works out extra hard just so I can eat what I want.

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    • tina

      it´s not the genes, i live in portugal and most of the population eat very and it´s really fat

    • Katie

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    • Wendy

      What nonsense – “…I like to see myself with lean muscle, not bulky” Women simply can’t get bulky (requires a lot of testosterone and lots of food!) and ALL muscle is “lean”! (there is no such thing as fatty muscle! She’s too skinny anyways…