What It Takes To Look Like 30 Rock‘s Katrina Bowden

Katrina Bowden‘s character on 30 Rock isn’t known for being the world’s best employee, and she’s certainly not known for her work-appropriate attire, but she certainly fits the bill as Tina Fey‘s hot, blonde assistant, Cerie. But looking the part doesn’t come 100% naturally, as the actress fessed up in a recent interview with T Magazine.

When asked about what she eats, she gave a refreshingly honest answer about her restricted diet, where most actresses would offer vague, demure descriptions of whatever goes on their plates:

I can’t say, “I eat whatever I want when I want,” but I have come up with some great treats for myself that are healthy and satisfying. I cook and bake often — I really enjoy it. I try not to eat too much dairy or gluten. Recently I used soy butter for cooking and couldn’t tell the difference. Lately, I’ve been really into sweet potatoes, Fiber One Pumpkin Muffins and Bethenny Frankel’s cookbook, “The Skinny Girl Dish.”

She also say she’s a big fan of spinning and yoga, as well as kickboxing, to keep herself in shape. And, of course, the actress is still only 22 years old. When asked how she’s become so calm and confident, she responded:

It is a challenge at times, but trying to stay centered and balanced helps me keep things in perspective. I’ve learned to brush off many things. Focus on the positives and be grateful.

And of course, we she also uses Crest Whitestrips, Moroccanoil hair products, Peter Thomas Roth skin care products and two different types of mascara—she might be plugging for lots of brands, here, but at least she’s not claiming that her look is low-maintenance. She’s smarter than her 30 Rock character, to say the least.

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