Taking Back The Value Meal: Chefs On A Mission To Make Healthy $5 Dinners

We talk a lot at Blisstree about whether it’s possible to eat healthy on the cheap. Sure, produce can be pricey, and superfoods are super expensive, too. But Well+Good NYC has the dirt on a group of chefs who are taking back the value meal to make healthy dinners cheap, and convenient, too:

At most fast food joints, $5 can get you a full meal—processed meat, side of grease, and sugary soda.

But Slow Food USA thinks you can do better, and they’ve decided to “take back the value meal” with a challenge to casual chefs—make a fresh, healthy, locally-sourced meal for $5 or less.

Can it be done?

“We’ve found that it’s hard but possible to eat this way,” says Jerusha Klemperer, Slow Food USA’s associate director of national programs (and an occasional contributor to Well+Good). “The real value is in a meal that’s made with real food.”

The idea for the $5 challenge originated with a Slow Food campus chapter at the  University of Wisconsin, Madison. College students (presumably broke and sick of ramen), began cooking fresh, local meals, and charging $5 a head. The dinners took off.

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