Meatless Monday: 10 Vegetarian Recipes To Sneak In Some Greens

We’re not fans of sneaking in vegetables by morphing them into processed foods–like Kraft Mac n’ Cheese ‘Veggie Dinners’–but let’s face it: Sometimes, you just don’t feel like eating another pile of spinach salad. Regardless, it’s important to get your fill of greens on a daily basis. (Just because you’re skipping meat and/or dairy doesn’t mean you’re necessarily eating healthy stuff in its place; that vegan pizza doesn’t count as health food unless you’re loading it up with vegetables and serving it with a salad.) So to avoid being one of those part-time vegetarians who only eats vegan cheese and treats, we found 10 recipes that will help you sneak in your greens. When you don’t feel like eating a salad, that is.

Check ‘em out:

Photo: Serious Eats

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