Dear Miss Fit: How To Handle Annoying Running Buddies, And Other Perils of Healthy Living

Welcome to Miss Fit–a weekly advice column from someone who is a bit of a non-conformist when it comes to health and exercise. Send us your dilemmas about feeling like a misfit when it comes to eating, fitness, going to the gym or dealing with yoga bitches, and Miss Fit will take a turn at answering them. With 10 years of trying to be a better athlete and testing her willpower at every turn, while coaching others to do the same, chances are she’s heard it all before and can share some wisdom.

Dear Miss Fit,

When I order off of restaurant menus, I always find myself making a lot of special requests. My friends say this is annoying, but I’m just trying to eat healthy. Is this wrong?

—Melissa C. in Florida

It’s only wrong if you let yourself get bullied by your friends and end up ordering—and eating—something you don’t really want. Ask for no onions, dressing on the side, wheat bread instead of white, whatever. Just don’t constantly apologize when ordering (“I’m sorry, is it remotely possible to get no ice in my bottled lemon water in a chilled glass with two straws?”) and don’t be that indecisive customer who changes her mind nine times while ordering. Then you will be annoying and your friends will be right.

Dear Miss Fit,

A girlfriend always asks me to run with her, but she’s too slow and talks too much for me. Do I say no and risk our friendship?

—Diana P. in New York

Yes, you say no! Why should you sacrifice your run for someone else? You have two choices here: Politely say, “I don’t get a lot of alone time so I really enjoy running by myself, but let’s meet up for coffee afterward if you want.” Or you can say: “Hell no. When you get some real speed and learn to shut the hell up, I will consider it. But until then, outta my way.”

Dear Miss Fit,

I feel like a sore thumb in my yoga class and am considering not going back anymore. Will I ever look like those flexible hippie girls in the front row who can pull off the toughest moves while I’m panting in child’s pose?

—Inflexible in Michigan

Be glad you’re not one of those hippie girls. They smell. Next time you’re distracted by someone showing off with a standing split or looking just a little too good in their expensive yoga outfit, here’s what you need to do: Accidentally fling your yoga block at them. No don’t do that. That’s most un-yogic of me to suggest. Instead, close your eyes. That’s right, closing your eyes allows you to tune out what’s happening around you and focus on you and only you. It’s easy to start comparing ourselves to others in yoga and wanting to compete with our fellow yogis, but just remember, any yoga is yoga whether you’re in child’s pose or balancing all of your weight on one hand. Kinda makes you appreciate the new trend towards blindfolded yoga. Whatever you do, don’t quit. Namaste!

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    • Kayt

      Ah, great yoga advice. Screw those hippie-in-the-front-row girls!