Gym Rant: This Is Not A Maxim Photo Shoot


Women in the workout space, I applaud the fact that you are proud of your bodies. And, apparently, your booties, which you are making damn sure we all get a good look at. But the fact is, we don’t need to see all of your assets when you hit the gym. This is the weight room. It is not your pole-dancing-just-for-funsies class, nor is it a photo shoot for a gentleman’s magazine. Please wear real, butt-covering, breast-supporting clothing to the gym.

We’ve already ranted about the problematic attire that some folks choose to wear when sweating it out, but I want to address a specific kind of too-much-information trouble. This is what happens when intimate apparel, like white ribbed tank tops, rolled over Soffe shorts, and bras that are not sports bras leap from the pages of male workout fantasies and only the treadmill beside me.

This is not to say that the gym should be a place of body-shaming—obviously, that isn’t the message. The message is, though, that when you’re moving and lifting and squatting and pressing, make sure that your clothing can adequately move, lift, squat, and press right along with you, in a way that does not resemble the introductory scenes of an adult film.

I’m very excited that you’ve been able to buck the body-negative trend that scares so many people away from gyms. But when you come dressed as if your “intervals” will include a lap dance for the entire gym instead of laps around the track, you are part of the problem. Put on a t-shirt and some yoga pants like the rest of us. We promise you’ll still be sexy.

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    • Laura

      you have obviously never taken a pole dancing class, because while it is a lot of fun, it is heavy on upper arm and core strength, flexibility, balance and posture. When you first start, you will be in a lot of pain from bruises and skin rubbed raw by every contact with the pole; your hands will blister, peel and callous. a sports bra, short yoga shorts and bare feet are de riguer because skin contact is needed to stick to the pole. If you don’t stick, can’t grip, you will fall.