Nancy Grace Wants to Lose Weight On ‘Dancing with the Stars,’ As Long As It’s Not from Her Boobs

Of all the contestants on the upcoming season of Dancing with the Stars, TV host Nancy Grace is one of the most controversial. Although the show doesn’t premiere until next Monday, the celebrities have met their pro dance partners and are learning the basics. Grace told Radar that she’s already having fun learning to dance. “I’m dancing five hours a day and I have no interest in food,” she said, adding that she had already dropped ten pounds in rehearsals. “I just hope I don’t lose any weight in my boobs!”

While it’s great that Grace is using dance as a way to get in shape – previous contestants like Kelly Osbourne and Kirstie Alley did the same, with positive results – she shouldn’t be so concerned about her boobs. The truth is, everyone’s body is different, and we all gain or lose weight differently. If she really cares about getting healthy and fit, good for her, but whether her boobs still look hot shouldn’t be her number-one concern. I’ve met quite a few women whose breasts got smaller as they lost weight, but it helped their bodies to look proportional and healthy as they lost weight all over.

However flippant it may be, Grace’s comment seems emblematic of a Hollywood culture that expects women to be incredibly thin but still have large breasts, no matter how unnatural it may look. The goal of being simultaneously slender and voluptuous is difficult, if not impossible, for many women to attain. I hope that Grace is able to love her new healthy body and focus on the positive aspects of being in shape and learning to dance instead of just focusing on how her boobs look.

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