Dr. Oz Says There Are Unsafe Levels Of Arsenic In Our Apple Juice. We Want To Know Why Any Amount Is OK.

Yesterday, Dr. Oz reported on his show about the potentially dangerous levels of arsenic found in certain brands of apple juice. Who would ever have thought that arsenic was an ingredient in anything, let alone apple juice, right? Well, now he is on a mission to not only uncover his personal findings, but to spread the word among consumers encouraging them not to purchase certain juices while also challenging the manufacturers to fess up and stop allowing this into their products.

Arsenic is a naturally occurring and inorganic heavy metal, and is especially problematic for children with their brain health and early development. While lower levels are supposedly acceptable, too much arsenic is capable of killing a person.

So does that mean our apple juice could be poisonous? Well, the FDA has set a limit of 23 parts per billion (ppb) of inorganic and organic arsenic to determine whether foods or beverages are a health risk. Dr. Oz claims that out of three dozen samples from five different brands of apple juice tested, 10 were found with arsenic levels higher than the recommended limits.

In a statement, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration said, “There is no evidence of any public health risk from drinking these juices.” They also sent a letter to Oz before the show aired saying it would be “irresponsible” and “misleading” to put this out there. The FDA also noted that the testing ignored that there are two forms of arsenic: organic and inorganic, and organic is generally thought not to be harmful, whereas inorganic is.

Safe levels aside, our question is: Why is any amount of arsenic acceptable in any product? And why is it even in there to begin with? With some saying it can even be associated with cancer, why do manufacturers continue to make our foods unsafe? It’s certainly disturbing, especially when you assume something as simple as apple juice is good for you.

Take a look at the debate on Good Morning America today and then let us know what you think.

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    • fig

      … because our bodies have abilities to process, sequester, or excrete low doses of various chemicals without any demonstrable adverse effects.
      EPA and the FDA set limits with large protective factors in accordance with their knowledge of those limits. Still not convinced?
      Yes we think of Arsenic a purely a poison, but lots of chemicals are poisonous at the right dose… including things we think of in really positive ways like Vitamin A, D, & E.
      I’m not trying to say its good there is arsenic in apple juice. I am trying to say that there is a reason there are limits and they should be enforced.

    • Dr. John Chapman

      We all know that there are huge amounts of payoff in government, and this includes the FDA as well. Arsenic is known chemically as a Heavy element. NONE Of the Heavy elements are readily excrweted from the human body, and some are NEVER excreted because they are deposited in the lungs, etc.

      It does not matter what form of compound the element is in. It still weighs the same elementally. If you want to protect yourself, you’d better do it yourself & quit allowing the government to control your life. All they are interested in is your money.