Yoga Pants Land Vancouver Title Of 3rd Worst-Dressed City In The World

Holy cow pose. We already knew that Tim Gunn doesn’t approve of us wearing yoga pants in public (even though we do our best to “make it work” and feel these are far better than an unflattering pair of mom jeans any day), but are they really bad enough to land an entire city on the worst-dressed list? According to a recent opinion by MSN Travel and GQ, yes.

Writer and fashion faux-pas commentator, Vivian Song, explains how Vancouver ranked as the third worst-dressed city in the world due to their garishly bad taste in sporting yoga pants outside of class:

There is one reason, and one reason only, why we’ve decided to include Vancouver on this list of the sartorially damned: yoga pants. We blame you, Vancouver, birthplace of a certain, insanely popular yoga gear brand which will go unnamed, for spawning a street trend dreaded by all women with wobbly bits and fat deposits in the wrong places. Really, what gives with the whole wearing of bum hugging workout gear to every other place except the gym? On behalf of women with hips and thighs everywhere, who like their pants to have buttons and zippers thank you very much, and who are of the opinion that yoga pants are a ruse worn by lazy pseudo-fashionistas, we beseech you: unless you plan to do a downward dog within the hour, spare us the yoga pants and put on some real trousers.

Even though I don’t normally wear yoga pants myself and have even boycotted them from my practice (due to not wanting to subscribe to the commercialized culture), I have to admit that there are some awfully cute pairs out there (like the tie-dyed ones I just saw in Yoga Journal yesterday) and, given the right pants on the right person, they can also be pretty flattering. Although, buying yoga pants just because they promise to give you the “perfect butt” as Abercrombie wants us to believe has to be a major N-OM, N-OM in the spiritual world of yoga, right?

Tell us what you think. Are yoga pants just for lazy pseudo-fashionistas as they say?

Photo: lululemon, flickr



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    • Anon

      I know this may not be the most PC, but it sounds like she just thinks she doesn’t look good in Yoga pants and is jealous of us lovely Vancouverites. I went there.

    • yogapantslover

      i love wearing yoga pants outside of the gym,
      and i don’t even do yoga.
      they’re comfy and they flatter my body.
      and lets be honest here..
      yoga pants and leggings/jeggings are pretty much the same,
      so i don’t understand how why yoga pants have to be singled out.
      i personally don’t care if people wear gym clothes outside of the gym..
      especially if the person has the body for it.

    • Claire

      Ladies. Takes some pride in the way you look and stop wearing sweatpants in public (yes, i understand that there are MANY exceptions) But, COME ON! I will not budge. Get up, get dressed, THEN leave the house.

    • Kayla

      It’s a West Coast thing. People are more casual over here and, if you’re outside of a major city like LA, nobody is looking at you anyway.

      • Mr.Blunt

        Believe me, people are looking, and lovin’ it.

    • Male

      Ladies, if you have a nice body and proud of it…please wear the Yoga pants….I love them

    • Pierre

      If they look nice wear it obviously people who cant will be envious but damn when u got a nice butt u got a nice butt

    • mitch

      no fat chicks

    • joey

      all the fine looking ladies that have nice thighs and ass should were them always looks hot !!!!!!!!

    • Dippp

      Guys think they are sexy, girls think they are comfy, who cares?