How Much Do You Trust TV Chefs?

Every time my parents come to visit me in New York, they want to go to a restaurant owned by a famous TV chef like Mario Batali or Bobby Flay. While I am certainly not going to turn down a free meal, I know that there are plenty of other great restaurants whose chefs are still great despite not having their own cooking shows.

I’m a total reality TV nerd, and I tried Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice‘s cookbook when it came out. My friend and I tried a few of the recipes from Skinny Italian and found them surprisingly tasty and easy to make. But after Teresa repeatedly mangled the word “ingredients” as “ingredientses” on the show, I became skeptical of her food. Being able to pronounce words properly doesn’t necessarily correlate to being a good cook, but it did make me wonder about Teresa’s credentials – especially considering that she’s a home cook-turned-reality star and not a trained chef.

How much do you trust TV chefs? Are you more likely to go to a restaurant owned by a celebrity chef or buy one of their cookbooks?

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    • Charlene L

      Emeril Lagasse’s restaurant at Universal in Orlando was a HUGE disappointment. My chicken dinner was completely below average and I would have enjoyed a KFC dinner more. The prices were outrageous. I waited months to go save up and go there. It was awful!