Would You Do A Breast Self-Exam If A Hot Guy Reminded You?

As we approach National Breast Cancer Awareness month, it’s not surprising that new campaigns are appearing to help us win the war on breast cancer–a disease that affects one out of every eight women and claims the lives of nearly 40,000 a year. Granted, some of the campaigns have been a bit controversial in the past (remember the Facebook scheme that encouraged women to post the color of their bra?), but that’s not stopping yet another one from coming out next one: a hot guy popping up on your smartphone encouraging you to touch your breasts.

The Your Man Reminder, a new smartphone app from the Canadian charity Rethink Breast Cancer, allows women to choose from six “dream men” (such as the “boy next door,” the “sports jock” and the “business man”) and schedule alerts to “show your breasts some TLC” (which stands for touch, look, check).

In addition to giving you breast cancer warning signs and symptoms to look for, Your Man can also be a virtual cheerleader, appearing like a smartphone genie to spout inspirational messages like, “Any guy would be lucky to have you,” the founders said in a statement.

PR representative, Tracie Snitker, said Your Man Reminder targets young women who give little thought to breast cancer detection:

It’s not a lot of fun to remind yourself to do a self exam. And a busy woman has so many reminders in her phone for all kinds of things. With this app, you can have a cute guy to remind you to do it.

While this charity is known for other “shock value” campaigns in the past (like “Save the Boobies” and their upcoming “BoobyBall”), they seem to expect that some people will be offended by this new app.

To which Snitker saidn:

He’s not going to do it for you. It’s about touching yourself, about knowing how your breast feels when it’s normal. So later if there’s a change, you’ll know.

I don’t know about you, but I am not offended or insulted by any campaign that could potentially save lives. As someone who lost a close friend to breast cancer a few years ago (and left behind a husband and a little boy), I applaud anyone who can help get the message out there–even if it’s done with a bit of humor and a hot guy or two.

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