Bridal Shows Gone Horribly Awry: Selling Liposuction To Brides Is Just Wrong

Oh, just wait until all the Bridezillas out there get a hold of this one: Bridal shows are the latest place to sell liposuction. That’s right all you brides-to-be, according to a recent article in Allure magazine, women at one show were treated to an afternoon of mingling amongst booths of cake samples, bridesmaid dresses and surgery options to lose fat. I wonder how many brides flocked to that booth in search of the “perfect” wedding day body? Not to mention, there were also vendors at this show touting Botox and raffles giving away free cosmetic surgery. Ugh.

Sadly, this is not the first time we’ve heard of women going to extremes to become wedding-day-ready before they tie the knot. And Kate Middleton certainly didn’t do the world any favors by showing up to her royal extravaganza with an obviously-way-slimmed-down physique that made many people wonder if the princess wedding pressure made her perhaps “too thin” for the big day.

Granted, an upcoming wedding can be a powerful motivator to get in shape and lose any extra pounds lurking around our sleeveless gowns, but when does the desire to look good for all those keepsake photos and videos turn into an unhealthy obsession? And how often does the fixation to look perfect last after the “I do’s” are over?

Before lipo for brides became the so-called latest trend (we hope not), bridal bootcamps were all the rage. One such New York City six-week program promises to give you a “private bridal bootcamp experience like no other” while helping you “lose the weight, flatten your abs, get rid of cellulite and fit into your perfect wedding dress.”

Then there was Bridalplasty, a twisted reality show where brides competed against each other to win, not the wedding or the honeymoon of their dreams, but all the plastic surgery they could ever want in order to have a “dream wedding with a dream body to go with it.”

Am I the only one who is freaked out here about the lengths some women will go to for their wedding?

And finally, let’s not forget Shedding for the Wedding, a reality competition show that challenges couples to lose weight as they plan their upcoming wedding:

Ladies, when it comes to your big day, you can have your cake and eat it too. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to look your best–just don’t become obsessed with it and feel like you need to transform your body into a completely different one. Your guy is marrying the person he proposed to–not some fake mannequin from a storefront window who is lipo-ed beyond recognition.

Photo: NY Daily News


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