The 10 Unhealthiest Shows On TV

While there are plenty of TV shows that give us tips for greening our homes or help people cook nutritious meals for their families, there’s also a lot of programming that shows unhealthy lifestyles. Whether it’s the cast of Jersey Shore tanning themselves into oblivion or Sandra Lee adding salt-laden seasoning packets to all of her meals, here are ten shows whose examples you should definitely not follow.

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    • Eileen

      I forgave DC Cupcakes at the beginning because it really was a phenomenon – yes, there are lots of organic-food places, farmer’s markets, etc. in DC, but people literally would stand in line for hours outside Georgetown Cupcake and then pay $3 for one. And that was two years before the TV show.

      • Eileen

        Oh! And have you ever seen Two Fat Ladies? It’s a cooking show that involves an awful lot of pretty unhealthy-looking meals. I don’t know if it inspires unhealthiness, though, as watching it tends to make you want to eat a salad.

    • Nancy

      Thanking my Dad and my lucky stars! My Dad because growing up the TV was always referred to as “The Boob Tube” (no, not as in breasts, they weren’t as prevalent on there in the 70′s). I mean it was not on if people were in a room and could talk with one another, and never-never during a meal. Lucky stars because I never developed the habit, and am just ADD enough that I have to be out and doing something instead of parked. It is the same with our children (no habit and ADD interesting). What a blessing!

    • Jennifer

      I think you’re missing the point of television here. It’s for entertainment–albeit, sometimes, that of the mindless variety. Anyone who lets these shows influence them in such a way that they themselves become smoking pregnant women or hoarders of plastic wrappers or pageant mothers clearly has the brain capacity of, gee, a two-year-old. I don’t think many people became obese after reading Push or child victimizers after reading Lolita.

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    • akbright

      Breaking Bad shows you that Meth is bad/deadly. So, how is that bad? The show is one of my favorites.

    • Cassie

      you missed Strange Addictions!