Thank You Ladies Of ‘The View’ For Debating If Chris Christie Should Be President Because He’s Fat

Yesterday the opinionated ladies of The View did what they do best: debate a pretty “hefty” topic. This time it was over Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey, and whether or not he could be president because he’s fat. Political stances aside, they did make some good points (when you can hear them as they all talk over each other–my pet peeve about the show).

On the one hand,  someone’s weight and appearance should have nothing to do with their ability to perform a job. And while there have been presidents in the past whose health was called into question (like Obama with his smoking and McCain with his age), Barbara Walters said it was “ridiculous” that they were even discussing this. “It has nothing to do with his brain, it has nothing to do with his appearance.”

On the flip side, our country does have a right to be concerned with our president’s health. When someone steps into the role of one of the most powerful people in the world, we should expect him or her to bring their best possible self into the oval office. That means physically, emotionally and mentally he or she is at the top of their game and ready for the numerous pressures and unending hours at hand.  “I don’t want my president dying from a heart attack because he’s overweight,” said Sherry.

Then there is the interesting point about whether we would be having the same conversation if the presidential candidate was a female. Elisabeth Hasselbeck said, “Imagine this conversation about an overweight female candidate. We would be beside ourselves.” Sherri replied: “No we wouldn’t. That’s not true.”

Take a look at the clip and let us know where you stand:

Photo: The View


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    • priya

      The view makes women everywhere look stupid.

    • stella obering

      libs all over the tv last nite went after christy for his weight. The view was appalling with that photo up there…I am ashamed and lost respect for barbara. I have often complained about the Libs childish bullying sessions but this was beyond bad immature behavior this was embarrassing.All Lib tv and radio has been talking about his weight and wether he could be Pres. b/c of it.I hope the world did not see this and think that this is how American professional women behave. I can no long call myself a liberal. You are racist bullies. —And to Deborah Dunham, u call this “a debate”?…u should be ashamed,

    • Stella Obering

      two obese witches putting down someone else for being over weight…and Joyce making food jokes?….i cant tell u how horrible this is. How can the two obese women sitting there be so ugly—its gross. I will never call myself a lib again


      You got to love Libs……The great defenders of inclusion and diversity ……as long as we like you.