Yoga Pants Banned In Ohio High School

Yoga pants were banned at Ohio’s Loveland High School for being too revealing and distracting in class. Which says to me that their students are in pretty good shape, considering that back in my day, administrators were more concerned with students getting ‘distracted’ by drugs or the temptation to skip class entirely, but to Loveland’s students, it’s no joke: 17 girls were disciplined with in-school suspension on Thursday, and more were sent home, after a group of students decided to defy the ban on yoga pants by wearing their favorite pairs to school. They say there’s nothing worse about yoga pants than any other clothing they could wear to school, and that they’re wearing them for comfort, not attention.

The student handbook says that “revealing clothing” is prohibited, as is clothing that’s deemed to be distracting, but it doesn’t say anything specifically about yoga pants. Teachers decided that the pants—made popular by companies like lululemon and Abercrombie, who claim their pants will give you the perfect butt—weren’t appropriate for class, and announced the ban earlier this week. But a group of about 50 students decided to fight for their right to spandex by wearing the pants to school on Thursday, for which they were sent home or suspended.

One student, Olivia Legg, explained their reasoning to WLWT News:

We’re trying to make a point that we all just want to go to school, we want to get our work done and be comfortable and just want to go home. I feel like if I wore jeans and a cute shirt, I’d be more distracting than what I’m wearing now.

The school district declined to comment on the controversy on-camera, but superintendent John Marschhausen released a written statement saying they’d investigate the issue:

We are committed to providing an appropriate educational environment while respecting the students’ freedom of expression. The district will be reviewing the dress code policies and procedures that led to this event and will provide more defined expectations in the near future.

Meanwhile, others are focused on other, slightly more plausible reasons for the problems facing America’s education system…
We know what Tim Gunn would tell these girls, but what do you think? Should they leave their lululemon at home, or fight for their right to spandex?
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    • Abigail

      It is my personal belief that NO woman should ever wear workout clothes or pajamas or sweatsuits outside unless they are exercising, or getting their newspaper. It’s just embaressing for me, as a woman, to be seen around women who wear that kind of thing, and I would never let my kids wear pajamas and sweats and work out gear to school.

    • Ev

      Totally agree with you Abigail. As it said in the title, ‘yoga pants.’

    • K

      I can say from a teacher’s perspective that it sucks having to spend time explaining to young men that yes, the ladies could hear the comments the gentlemen were making among themselves and, no, those comments are not appropriate. My time in class and between classes isn’t wasted as much by explaining why sexually lewd comments are inappropriate when the student body isn’t showing off their student bodies.

    • Case

      omg. They’re pants! Get over it.

    • Ashley

      I graduated from HS in 2006, and we had a rather strict dress code (and this was all through my HS career) that included no yoga pants. Not only do they show off a girls…curves (even though most of them resemble rulers more than anything) but the boys would also start to cry for equality. However, if we were to let hormonal teenage boys walk around in basketball shorts/ sweats/ etc. what do you think would happen when they oggled the girls in yoga pants? Let’s just say that they’d have a more difficult time “containing” themselves.

      I totally agree with Abigail. Workout attire should be just for that and not for school. After all, in the work world, we’re not allowed to wear “comfy clothes” in order to help us work better.

      Miss Olivia Legg….look up the term “corporate causal” my dear…

    • Hannah

      I graduated from Loveland High School two years ago. My senior year I took a rigorous curriculum as well as participated in two sports and three extremely time consuming extra-curricular activities. On top of that I worked a 20-25 hour a week job. You would not believe the number of mornings when the only good thing about waking up at 6:00 AM after 3-4 hours of sleep was the fact that I could at least be comfortable throughout the day. Last minute exam cramming, running to the bus or trying to find a minute to actually eat was the focus of my attention – not what I was wearing. Granted, I only ever wore yoga pants on those mornings and, yes, by the end of the day I felt like I had been in my pajamas all day. But I never wore them to flaunt my body and I know of very few girls in my class who were actually concerned with how their yoga pants made them look. High school students are now expected to exhaust themselves through involvement to the point where they don’t even want to get dressed in the morning. After that, all anyone wants is to be comfortable. One thing I’ve learned in college is that people learn and focus better when they’re comfortable. If that isn’t the point of high school, then I don’t know what is.