Women Think About Food More Than Sex

According to a new study, many women tend to put more energy into dieting than their relationships and the majority think about food more than sex.

The  weight loss company Atkins surveyed nearly 1,300 women about their attitudes towards dieting and how their weight loss goals affected their relationships. While the findings are pretty depressing, they are not too surprising in today’s weight-obsessed society: 25% thought dieting was more important than their relationships and admitted to putting more effort into their diet than their partners. One in 10 women confessed that they would feel guiltier cheating on their diet than their man, and more than one-third even admitted to thinking about their diet more than their partner. Not only that, but a whopping 54% said they thought about food more than sex.

We have to believe that men’s responses would be very different here, but Atkins only surveyed women, so for now, we must just speculate on that one. What’s interesting here though is that the survey also uncovered the most common reasons for dieting in the first place: trying to attain the “perfect beach body”. Back to the point about today’s body-obsessed society.

Of course none of this helps when someone like the chief nutritionist at Atkins, Linda O’Byrne,  says something ridiculous like, “Dieting should become part of a person’s everyday lifestyle and not something people are constantly thinking about.” Um, dieting should not be a part of everyone’s lifestyle, Ms. Atkins Pusher. Don’t listen to her, ladies.

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    • Jena

      No surprise to me. I always ask my husband what he’d like for dinner, and he never (NEVER) has a suggestion. I still ask after four years of being married, mostly as a courtesy, but sometimes it drives me nuts that he never thinks about food, is never in the mood for something (though sometimes, rarely, his mood will exclude a few things, like soup, from the options), and how often he tells me, “I just don’t think about food,” drives me crazy. Mostly, if I get a suggestion from him, it’s right after we’ve finished dinner and he asks if we have enough to have it again the next night or later in the week.

      He is the only man I’ve known who never registers cravings.