Seane Corn Joins Russell Simmons, Protesters To Bring Yoga To Occupy Wall Street

Where there is a protest, there is probably a yogi, so it makes perfect sense that Seane Corn, famous yogi and founder of Off The Mat, joined other protesters, including Russell Simmons, today at Occupy Wall Street in New York City. Corn, who champions the idea of yogis taking their enlightenment off the mat (hence the name) and into the world to effect positive social change, invited other yogis to join her at New York City’s Financial District today, to show their solidarity with protesters there.

The official invitation on their “Off the Mat, Onto the Street” Facebook page read:

Yoga is about finding your voice and taking a stand. At Off the Mat, Into the World we believe in expanding our yoga beyond the studio and out into the world. Join Seane Corn and yogis from around the globe this Monday, October 10th, for a practice of solidarity, community, and change on Wall Street.

Together, let’s demonstrate yoga in action.

Yogis in New York City have been tweeting and posting Facebook updates from Wall Street (just follow #OTMoccupyNYC for tweets). We’ve pulled some of the best photos of Corn and other yogis on Wall Street, below. If you were in New York City, would you join them? Tell us whether you think yoga should get involved on Wall Street in the comments section, below:

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