Yogi Gets Naked To Sell… lululemon Clothing?

ESPN’s Body Issue featured a lot of naked female athletes, which, it appears, is on the verge of becoming a new-old trend in photo shoots and ad campaigns, including (ironically), lululemon athletica’s clothing. As Well+Good NYC noted, their recent ad, featuring nude lululemon ambassador Jenn Thiel, was mostly confusing.

The photo is simply captioned, “we’re with you, Kes,” with the equally mysterious hashtag #passittonakedkesler in small print along the bottom of the ad. So what does it mean? Apparently, it was a spoof show of support for Canadian hockey player Ryan Kesler’s upcoming nude photo shoot for ESPN’s October issue, below:

If Theil looked half as comfortable as Kesler, we’d think the ad was funnier. But maybe it’s just a Canadian thing. Is it a Canadian thing? We don’t know. What do you think: Is the ad just a shameless excuse to use naked women to sell stuff, or a funny spoof that happens to feature a sexy naked female athlete?

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    • Lainey

      Why is there so much issue with nakedness? Europeans use naked images in ads all of the time. Beautiful bodies should be celebrated not hidden behind clothes all of the time. Maybe that’s an American thing! :)