Antonio Banderas Justifies Smoking With Yoga

Antonio Banderas is getting some love because he recently said he’s comfortable with aging, and he likes to stay grounded by doing yoga. Which is all lovely. But he also said that he smokes, and kind of flippantly dismisses it as something he “shouldn’t do,” then justifies it by listing his healthier habits. Which is why you should never look to celebrities for perfect role models of health.

Here’s what the 51-year old actor told Britain’s Hello! magazine:

I smoke, which I shouldn’t do, but I do yoga and I think I eat well. And I try to be in harmony with my life. I am not too anxious to get anywhere anymore. When you are content, I think it helps you feel good and to look good too, I guess.

But he clarified that his healthy living habits weren’t all vain:

I prefer to let life take me wherever it’s going to take me. Wrinkles are welcome, because they mean I have lived a life. If I looked in the mirror and saw somebody I was not supposed to be, then I would freak out.

To which I have to say, my primary reaction is: Meh. Although more and more men in Hollywood seem to be succumbing to the pressure to get plastic surgery, I’m sorry, but I just don’t think a 51-year-old male celebrity who’s comfortable with the aging process is that impressive. I think it would be far more difficult to keep his head straight about aging if he were, say, a 51-year-old woman in Hollywood (or 40 or 30-year old woman in Anytown, USA for that matter). And I also wonder how the Spanish heartthrob will feel when he wakes up in the mirror and realizes that his nicotine habit has ruined his teeth, ruined his skin, and aged him beyond his years. Wrinkles are a lot less sexy when they say “I’ve been smoking for too many years” instead of “I’ve lived a life.”

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    • Kim Foster, MD

      “Which is why you should never look to celebrities for perfect role models of health.” …SO exactly.

      I smoke but I do yoga therefore it’s all good? Hilarious.