Dear Miss Fit: How To Handle Treadmill Hoggers And Rude Runners

Welcome to Miss Fit–a weekly advice column from someone who is a bit of a non-conformist when it comes to health and exercise.

Dear Miss Fit,

My running buddy always takes off at the beginning of our run, even when we’ve agreed on a set pace. I try to keep up and end up winded and pissed. What should I do?

For Christmas this year, ask her family/husband to give her a GPS watch. If that doesn’t work, just count those runs with her as your speedwork for the week. A little push never hurts.

Dear Miss Fit,
I am participating in an extreme stair climb challenge, SkyRise Chicago, on November 6th. It’s the tallest indoor stair climb in the world–103 flights up the Willis Tower in Chicago! I’ve never trained for a stair climb before. Do you have any tips on how I should approach this daunting challenge? I have a few weeks to go and I’m afraid my legs are too weak to take me up the tower! I work out a few times a week on my own doing moderate cardio and strength training. Can you give me any pointers to beef up my training tactics?

First of all, congratulations on signing up to take part in this challenge! Sounds like an awesome event. To prepare, you need to work on leg strength and cardio. Get on the stairmaster at the gym or run stairs at your local football stadium twice a week. Also work in leg squats and lunges to help beef up your glutes, hamstrings and quads. And lastly, add in some running and sprints to further strengthen your legs and lungs. Good luck and send us a picture when you reach the top!

Dear Miss Fit,

There are certain people at the gym who ignore the 30-minute limit on the treadmill. What’s the proper etiquette here?

Some people are just rude and think the rules don’t apply to them. If you are waiting for a treadmill, kindly remind them when their 30 minutes is up. If they ignore you, ask the gym manager to interfere. The protocol should be simple: Adhere to the time limit when others are waiting and during peak hours. If you want to run longer, go outside.

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