Rachel Maddow Teaches Mitt Romney And Other Dudes About Birth Control

Rachel Maddow was in rare form last night as she ripped Governor Mitt Romney apart over his stance–and seemingly lack of intelligence–on birth control. Apparently, Romney dug himself a pretty deep hole at an Iowa town hall meeting when he failed to accurately answer a woman’s question about his policy on birth control after an appearance on Huckabee where he proclaimed that he would support a constitutional amendment defining conception as the beginning of life.

Apparently, what the nice governor doesn’t understand is what such a statement actually means. It’s fine if he wants to take a stance for or against abortion, but when he said that conception defines the beginning of life, he didn’t take into account that many of our birth control options would then be outlawed, including all hormonal contraceptives like the Pill, the IUD, the morning-after pill and the NuvaRing.

So Maddow took it upon her funny self to pop open a few beers and invite Romney and all the other clueless “fellas” out there to her “man cave” so she could teach them exactly how babies are made and exactly how birth control works. To which we at Blisstree would like to add a few messages of our own to Mitt and all his dumb friends:

It might be wise to learn about the physiology of half of your constituency?

Maybe politicians should spend more time trying to control their own private parts and not ours.

Maybe if you knew this meant you’d pretty much have to wear a condom for the rest of your life, you’d change your mind.

Follow Blisstree next week for our sex ed week to learn more about our lady parts.

Take a look at the video and then let us know what you would say to Romney:

Photo: MSNBC.com

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    • Briana Rognlin

      Rachel Maddow is hilarious, and awesome. But Mitt Romney is really scaring me. Is anyone else really disturbed by his lack of understanding of birth control? Or his unwillingness to learn about it and release a corrected comment to the media?

      • Hanna Brooks Olsen

        Yes. And yes. And also I love Rachel Maddow because she’s super-educated and intelligent, as well as charming and wonderful. But Mitt Romney is truly frightening. Fortunately, not even his own party likes him.

    • Rick Rollins

      I don’t care for Rachel Maddow at all, I think her views on the economy demonstrate complete cluelessness … but on this she is actually right about conception. I doubt if this is what Mitt Romney wants, and she knows it, but it does demonstrate a fair amount of cluelessness on this issue.

    • Scott Arnold

      @ Rick Rollins…. yeah that’s right, women can’t do math…. (did the sarcasm come through?)… If Rachel threw her hat in the ring against Barry, she would win hands down…

      • Eileen

        Dude, it’s not an attack on women’s math skills to say that Rachel Maddow is wrong on economics…in fact, I have female econ-major friends who would agree.

    • Steve Gelber

      The world needs more souls like Maddow.

    • michelle

      Actually Rachael needs to dig a little deeper… many of the methods she listed prevent conception…they do not terminate an embryo… it seems if you are going to call someone else out…you should have your own facts straight

    • Tyler Blue

      Geeze, I’m a fella, so I’m probably just a complete idiot. But I don’t think – as the super-educated and intelligent, as well as charming and wonderful Ms. Maddow said – hormonal birth control pills stop the production of eggs. The eggs, as it is my understanding (but, again, as I do have a Y chromosome, I am most likely entirely mistaken about this), are all formed before the female is born (meaning, before the female is a person). I believe what the super-educated and intelligent (as well as charming and wonderful) Ms. Maddow meant is that hormonal contraceptives prevent the RELEASE of the already existing egg from the ovary and into the fallopian tube. I think (but since my reproductive organs are outside my body, I’m sure I’m wrong about this) this is called ovulation.

      Am I nitpicking here? Yes. But if you’re going to produce a piece attacking my intelligence, you better make sure you get the details correct. Although, as I’ve stated several times, I’m probably the one who is wrong, since I produce sperm and not eggs.

      • Chris

        Tyler, birth control pills work by preventing the implantation of a inseminated egg onto the uterus wall. Birth control pills do not prevent conception nor do they prevent the release of eggs.

      • ryan

        The primary action of the combination of an estrogen with a progestin is to suppress the hypothalamic-pituitary system, decreasing the secretion of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH). Progestins blunt luteinizing hormone (LH) release, and estrogens suppress follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) from the anterior pituitary. Both estrogen and progestin ultimately inhibit maturation and release of the dominant ovule. (clinical pharmacology) aka a pharmacy resource.

        basically this resource says the dominant ovule is not in any way fertilized and it is not even released from the ovary. so chris…your point is not valid.

        maybe you should check your facts before you post something you have no idea what you are talking about.

      • Vicki Nemeth

        But that’s semantics. If you really want to get technical, yes the ovaries do continue the production process each month in an adult woman, because the eggs already in a girl at birth are not fully formed.

        @Chris: Actually, birth control can prevent conception if all goes well. That’s what thickening the cervical mucous is for; and yes it can prevent eggs maturing, too. But not every month is a perfect month. If hormonal changes cause an egg to mature and the cervical mucous barrier to thin, that is the month that the pill only prevents implantation.