Pissed-Off Moms Win: Schweddy Balls Pulled From Grocery Stores

Well, it’s official. Ben & Jerry’s has to put the freeze on its much-talked-about Schweddy Balls, thanks in part to a group of pissed-off parents from One Million Moms who deemed the ice cream’s name too inappropriate and “vulgar” for their little darlings to be exposed to.

You may remember the chilling controversy that began just last month when Ben & Jerry’s first rolled out their latest flavor.  

One Million Moms posted this on their website:

The vulgar new flavor has turned something as innocent as ice cream into something repulsive. Not exactly what you want a child asking for at the supermarket.

To which Ben & Jerry’s responded by telling Time magazine:

The name is irreverent. But we’ve always been about having some irreverence and having some fun. We’re not trying to offend people. Our fans get the humor.

And now it appears that the mean moms won. Despite its success with consumers, many grocery store chains are in the process of pulling the “vulgar” vanilla with rum and fudge-covered malt “balls” ice cream and filling the space with other non-offensive treats instead, leaving many parents to feel like it’s safe to let their precious little ones roam the grocery store aisles so they can load up on all sorts of other sugary, fat-laden treats. Because, you know, the name of a product is so much more offensive than the contents.

Photo: Ben & Jerry’s


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    • Mel

      *eye roll* I guess Chunky Monkey will be the next to go? I can already hear it… some housewife with nothing to do but bitch to her other housewife friends at her kid’s bus stop making a complaint that the Chunky Monkey ice cream will somehow give kids across the nation eating disorders.

      Squeaky bitch gets the grease, I guess.

    • eileen

      Ridiculous. I wonder what these kids see and hear at home, on TV, on their computer, on the radio, in magazines, at school and in the street. These parents have nothing better to worry about ? And by the way, the world does not revolve around their children-even if they think it does or should. Get real.

    • colleen kane

      I think it’s disqusting that these women could do that. They are probably fat and insecure and sit at home thinking up ways to cause trouble. GET A LIFE. And who cares leave the kids at home.

    • del wil

      Once you are a mom you will see the incredible onslaught of sexual inneundo, pornographic imagery and flat-out crude influence at every turn. Every little step down from decency makes a difference. Spend one day actually paying attention to popular culture and you will understand where one million moms is coming from. I am not fat, humorless or a right-wing crazy. I simply don’t appreciate having to have conversations re: sex, anatomy, morality and appropriate language with my children 30 plus times a day. One Million Moms gives each member a simple,easy way to take personal action on the things that bother them. If it’s an issue that doesn’t matter to me personally there is no action required or expected-check out their website to learn more @ onemillionmoms.com

      • Nick

        It’s your job to raise your children. Banning everything you find objectionable is incredibly arrogant and self-centered. Try raising your own kids instead of relying on the world to do it for you. If you don’t like awkward conversations, then tough. That’s part of being a parent.

      • Shelly

        Dear Del Wil (who is so obviously a shill for MM) I am a mom, and I have no trouble explaining or having conversations about all ranges topics including sex, human reproduction, humor, homosexuality, math, science and religion etc….to my children. If you can not handle the hard stuff like talking to your children about topics that make you uncomfortable, then do us all a favor and don’t have kids.

        Know what bothers me? One Million Moms bother me, can I have a simple easy way to take persona action against them, cause they sure bother me.

    • mel

      So ridiculous…. people expect the world to raise their children rather than doing the work themselves! If your child asks about the name, tell them, “oh its just a silly name” AND MOVE ON! The bigger deal that parents make of the supposedly enormous onslaught of innuendo, the more your kid will think it is important. There is a reason that innuendo exists… so children won’t know what the heck you are talking about until they are old enough to know anyway!