Why We Love Ozzy Osbourne Going Vegan

Ozzy Osbourne, the former heavy metal singer who once made headlines for eating a bat, has now declared himself a vegan. And while “The Prince of Darkness” is certainly not the first celebrity to make such a healthy lifestyle switch, we especially love the fact that it’s Ozzy this time.

It used to be when we heard of a celebrity going vegan, it was the stereotypical young, thin female (Natalie Portman, Alicia Silverstone, Lea Michele, Olivia Wilde), but, in the past months especially, we have seen many other types of stars embracing this lifestyle, including Mike Tyson, Jackass star Steve-O, Russell Brand and, of course, Bill Clinton. All of which is excellent, because, to us, this just shows that going vegan is not the latest celebrity trend or front for losing weight, dieting or aspiring to a certain “look”–it’s truly a healthy lifestyle change that more and more people are embracing simply because it makes them feel better (and it doesn’t matter if they have 15 tattoos or were the former lead singer for Black Sabbath).

On The Talk this week, Ozzy explained to his wife and her other co-hosts about his decision:

My assistant showed me a video called Forks and Knives or something, about (cutting out) meat and dairy products, so I thought, ‘I’ll give this a shot!’

Ozzy went on to say that even though his food choices are narrower now, he feels better:

I feel OK actually, I feel better about myself, you know? I go on binges… That’s the reason why I decided to cut out meat out and dairy because I’ve limited what I can have because when you’re on the road and you’re traveling, you grab buns and… burgers are everywhere… so now I’ve just narrowed the margin.

He then added, quite amusingly:

I’m not saying I’m going to do it for ever. I might go back when my wife learns to cook… so that will be never!

Good for you, Ozzy and Russell and Steve-O and Bill and…


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    • JC

      Whether he stays vegan is irrelevant. There are so many reasons to choose a vegan lifestyle. Here are two short videos to help everyone understand why so many are making this life-altering choice: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fKr4HZ7ukSE and http://www.veganvideo.org

    • Danyelle

      Thanks Ozzy! Avoiding cruelty and saving lives! I am happy to see more people attempting to change the way we think about food and what we are consuming– Consumers have the right to know where their food comes from and how animals are treated before they reach their plates. This is a good, short video to watch about this topic: MeatVideo.com.