Sex (Re)Ed: Men Tell Us How They Really Feel About Condoms

Do they make a difference? Yes, and you already knew it. But when I asked men what they really think about condoms–how they feel, whether they use them regularly, when they choose to use them, whose responsibility it should be to buy/have them–the resounding answer wasn’t just “they suck.”

Which is good news, considering that condoms are the only way to protect against many STIs.

Here’s how a few fellas–of various ages (from 25 to 40), geographical locale (from Seattle to New York to Minnesota), and industries–really feel about condoms:

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    • Corey

      You didn’t think it was important to ask any single men? Condoms aren’t really used as birth control anymore. They are used as disease control. So the opinions of monogamous males are barely relevant.

      • Briana Rognlin

        Hey Corey,

        We did ask a lot of different guys; unfortunately these are the only ones who were comfortable and willing to get back to us. A lot of them speak to their attitudes towards condoms both in and out of a relationship, though.

        And, although condoms are no longer one of the most effective forms of birth control, they are used as birth control by a lot of people. CDC statistics showed that 10% of American women use condoms as their primary source of birth control, while 38% weren’t using anything at all. And surprisingly, the same paper ( shows that more married women rely on condoms as the most effective form of birth control than unmarried women.

        Hope that helps clarify,

      • Leigha

        First of all, many people still use condoms as birth control, either as their only form of protection or as an extra precaution. Second, they were asking guys about how using condoms affected their enjoyment of sex. The reasons behind them using or not using condoms is pretty much irrelevant there. The question at hand is: How much do condoms affect how sex feels?

    • emedoutlet

      Sometime, even they are not used to protect from STDs, but they are used to enhance the experience…..

    • Laura

      Best response I ever heard to a guy not wanting to put on a condom: “Oh good, because I’ve been feeling really ready lately to be a mom.”

      • Briana Rognlin

        Ha! Love it.

    • steven

      I’ve been in several committed relationships where condoms were the primary form of birth control. To assume that only single men use them is ridiculous.

    • lee

      A lot of them speak to their attitudespas cher timberland vtowards condoms both in and out of a relationship, though.