Do These Marie Claire Ads Really Make You Love Your Body?

Last week we told you about the highly questionable stunt that Marie Claire South Africa was pulling by launching its November issue with the theme of “What would it take to love your body” and then featuring a Victoria’s Secret model on the cover (wearing a ridiculously-exposing black swimsuit of all things in a body that was surely photoshopped). In addition to its inappropriate cover, we just found out what was inside this issue: a collection of ads that further prompt you to love your body. The only difference is, this time, we approve.

The first ad features a marked-up Barbie (our favorite iconic role model on what not to strive for) that tells us where to add appropriate cellulite for all those heavenly chocolate brownies we eat, in addition to freckles, crows feet and laugh lines.

The second ad depicts a curvy voluptuous naked woman, that reminds us not to wish for someone else’s body. It says, “You wish you had Stephanie’s skin, and Stephanie wishes she had Tasj’s boobs, and Tasj wishes she had Kassie’s legs…”. And then it ends with “Love what you are.”

In a third ad–my favorite, a photograph of a woman has been blacked out in all of the areas that women tend to hate about themselves: Nose, chin, boobs, abs and thighs. Then it asks, “If you were to get rid of everything you hated, what would be left?”

And finally, there is a haunting photo of a corpse lying on a metal table with the words “When will you stop worrying about your appearance? Love the body you live in.”

All of these ads get right to the point: none of us have the perfect body and perfection is not reality; love what you have. Even though we still take issue with your cover, Marie Claire, we have to give you props on including these ads. Now if women would just listen to them.














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    • Canaduck

      Actually, that last one is pretty rough.

      In a good way, I mean.