Stop the Maddness! 9 Most Offensive Fat-Shaming Ads

There is probably nothing that we hate more than fat-shaming (which is the major reason I don’t watch The Biggest Loser). Not only is it humiliating to treat someone with such disrespect and try to shame them into losing weight, it doesn’t work. And yet, some companies refuse to believe this–including one tasteless ad from an online dating service that ran this week. To prove our point–and encourage these organizations to stop such bullshit–we have compiled the most offensive ads we have seen. Take a look and let us know if you think they would ever work in getting people to lose weight:


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    • howawful

      I’m a vegetarian AND fat because of a hormone deficiency.

      • Willy colon st.

        if you stopped eating bread, rice, italian food and all those high carbs yor body would eat itself thin.

    • Clarissa

      If peta keeps up their objectification of women and fat-shaming, they won’t have any supporters left.

    • Willy colon st.

      being fat is not normal, united states is the only country with fat pets.
      not to add it is unhealthy and antiaesthetic

      • Anna

        Your comment is a shame. I am not overweight but most people who are overweight have eating addictions rooted in prior abuses. This is well documented. Add in food chemicals that destroy the good insulin in the body and you get an overweight person. These ads are a shame. Food addictions are rooted on Abuse

        See here

      • Sue Smith

        Your not normal! Your comment shows your lack of intelligence and pathetic grammar/spelling and sentence structure! Go back to school and get some education.

    • Sue Smith

      These ads are disgusting. If someone is overweight they need help from doctors and dieticians. They need to boost their self-esteem and feel that they are worthwhile! If the idiot bullies who think insults and bullying effect positive changes in people would just stop and think for a minute they’d realize just how STUPID they really are! If demeaning overweight people caused them to lose weight there’d be no overweight people! This hatred of people because of their appearance needs to stop! I will not be buying from Gap. I do NOT support a moronic group like Peta that feels it’s ok to demean/sexualize women to protect animals!

    • Andy

      Shame is in fact the driver that all fat people need. Sugar coat it all you want. Air-France charging those too large for one seat the price of two stands as only the beginning. It is not only practical and fair to all other passengers, it should (though it not always does) provide incentive to lose weight. Who wants to be highlighted to the whole aircraft that they are too fat to fit in one seat?

      There are some condition that cause obesity that cannot be helped – specific condition, of which exemption should rightly be implemented. Genetics is NOT one of them.

      A drain on tax-payer funded resources and the health of that particular person, people need to harden up and not sugar coat a serious issue.

      I completely disagree with the above article and think harder stance is needed before the obesity statistics become truly out of control.