Lululemon Employee Found Guilty Of Bludgeoning Her Coworker To Death

So, not only is it surprising that a lululemon store employee would murder her coworker; it’s shockingly stomach-turning to hear about how she did it. Reports came out in March that lululemon employees Brittany Norwood, 29,  and Jayna Murray, 30, were assaulted by robbers in the yoga-pant-king’s Bethesda, Maryland shop, resulting in Murray’s tragic death. But soon after, it was revealed that Norwood had lied to police to cover up the fact that she, herself, had bludgeoned her coworker to death.

Today, the jury convicted Norwood of first-degree murder, on some pretty haunting evidence: 331 wounds were found on Murray’s body, made with at least six different weapons, including a hammer, wrench, knife and peg used to hold up a mannequin. And the medical examiner testified that Murray was alive for most of the attack.

The reason for the attack is still unclear. Norwood’s attorney argued that it wasn’t premeditated; that she attacked Murray after the two had gotten into a dispute after Murray accused Norwood of stealing goods from the store. But jurors said they were swayed by the sheer number of injuries.

And that is the saddest news that we’ll report today.

Photo: Daily Mail Online (left: Brittany Norwood; right: Jayna Murray)

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