The Bobble Jug Is Using Cuteness To Decrease Water Bottle Waste

Water filtration may not be the sexiest retail category, but a little company called Move Collective is trying to change all that. Last year, they released Bobble, a very cute bottle that filters water as you drink it. And now they’re taking on Brita with the Bobble Jug, a 64-ounce home filtration product.

The company has sold over 7 million Bobble bottles in the last year, and they’re hoping that a little design and function improvement will help cut into the waste created each day by disposable water bottles being emptied and discarded.

The original Bobble was meant to replace the massive intake of disposable water bottles that are purchased each day. And it truly is a great little tool for travel, since the FTA forces all airplane travelers to discard their water before entering security at the airport. With the Bobble, passengers can empty the bottle and fill it up at a water fountain in the terminal instead of buying a new water bottle that will also end up in the trash.

At home, it’s a slightly different situation. Despite the wide availability of filtration systems in refrigerators and as attachments for the sink, many people still purchase bottled water in bulk to drink. This is both expensive and terrible for the environment.

Most clearly, the Bobble Jug is a direct competitor to the Brita filters that occupy many American firdges. But Bobble boasts a sleeker design and the same amount of filtered water from a much smaller product. And because Bobble has a faster filter, it doesn’t have the large reservoir that Brita uses to filter water. Bobble users can just turn on their faucet, fill the pitcher and stick it in the fridge.

One Bobble Jug filter is the equivalent of 300 bottles of water. Also, it doesn’t hurt the cause that it looks like a little penguin. Which is why we’re giving one away on our sister site Mommyish next week. Stay tuned for details…

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    • Ady

      The faster filter won’t work; Water needs to be in contact with the cartridge for a specific time period to allow it to remove all the impurities, so the faster the cartridge the less efficient it is.