Dear Facebook Friends: Please Stop Sharing This Female-Bashing Gillian McKeith vs. Nigella Lawson Photo

The comparison of Gillian McKeith (sometimes erroneously referred to as Karan Diwan) vs. Nigella Lawson—pointing out that Lawson smokes, drinks, eats meat and desserts and looks fab, while McKeith is a health guru who, it’s implied, looks not-so-fab—first started circulating around the internet through chain mail, and now it’s resurfacing on Facebook. But wherever you happen to come across it, I implore you: Don’t share it. It’s trash. Even if you think you’re making a smart point about why certain diets and lifestyles are b.s., you’re doing so in a way that bashes females, prizing beauty and sending messed-up messages about the importance of health. (And sorry, but your point about diets and lifestyles is not that smart.)

The newest iteration I’ve seen of the McKeith and Lawson poster looks like this:

Gillian McKeith Nigella Lawson

And the original email (which referred to McKeith as Karan Diwan) contained the following photo and text:

Gillian McKeith Nigella Lawson Original

Karan Diwan is a 51 year old TV health guru advocating a holistic approach to nutrition and health, promoting exercise, a vegetarian diet of organic fruits and vegetables. She recommends detox diets, colonic irrigation and supplements, also states that yeast is harmful, that the colour of food is nutritionally significant, and the utility of lingual and faecal examination.

Nigella Lawson is a 50 year old TV cook in Great Britain , who eats nothing but meat, butter and desserts.

I rest my case..

Both are offensive.

In both cases, it’s insinuated that attractiveness is a) the most important feature of women (above health), and b) a valid marker of someone’s overall health. They also assume that we should all be measured along the same standards of beauty (god forbid anyone actually find McKeith attractive because she doesn’t have huge breasts or the facial features that have been idealized on film and tv), and they gloss over the fact that genetics play a big role in aging and attractiveness. Sound familiar? This isn’t a far cry from the ridiculous weight and beauty standards promoted by advertising; both are aimed at whittling down a woman’s worth and making her feel that her looks are more important than anything else.

And honestly, what do we really know about what either of these women eats or does with her body? As one Facebook commenter pointed out:

Hey, they are two entirely different people! Gillian didn’t rise to fame because of her famous rich parentage and good looks. And because of this and her view on health Gillian hasn’t decided to keep her career going by filling her face full of filler and botox. Good on them both but slating one because she isn’t as sexy as the other??

Indeed, every woman is different. Chalking up one woman’s good looks to her drinking, smoking, and butter-rich diet isn’t any more constructive than all the articles claiming that it’s possible to look like an actress if you only eat kale and coconut water. Everyone’s body is different, and everyone responds differently to various foods and lifestyle choices. Dairy gives some women acne; some people swear that they can’t function well on a vegan diet.

And let’s not forget mental health: When even our friends and family are sending us damning messages about beauty, aging and health, no amount of butter OR cleansing will make us feel happier with our bodies and ourselves. So, my dear Facebook friends, please stop demonizing women for their personal choices, and stop telling your friends that their beauty is more important than your health.

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    • M

      Also, it is not possible for that to be a picture of lawson at both 50 and 51. The ages cited in the two examples above are different, while the picture is the same. Who knows how old she was when that picture was taken?

      • Briana Rognlin

        Yeah, I didn’t even want to get into factual accuracy, because that’s a whole other post!

    • michelle

      Well said! Why should the wrinkles on someone’s face or the size of their chest have anything to do with proving how healthy/unhealthy they are?

    • Jake

      Beauty is NOT a measure of health. Some people may live to be 100 drinkin beer and smoking until they’re dead, but that is rare and is not an excuse to be lazy. Do what you will but if you care for your family you will do everything you can to be there for them.

    • Jennifer from Vancouver Canada

      While I agree with a lot of Briana is saying – such as not to judge woman on looks alone etc. I do feel that what people are trying to communicate with the facebook posts and emails is not that beauty is more important than health, but for all the health crazed people out there to relax a little. Not only are woman being bombarded with advertising and social pressures to look good all the time, be healthy and lose weight; we’re berrated by TV experts and health guru’s that tell us we’ve failed if we don’t eat healthy or a specific “diet”. I think that the spirit of this facebook post was not to tell woman “unhealthy = beauty”, but rather the opposite, that so called healthy living doesn’t always mean you’ll be more beautiful for it (contrary to what the “experts” tell us). I feel, as a woman, quite liberated by the facebook post – that if I eat a bar of chocolate everything will be okay and I won’t end up looking like a leather handbag from one treat…

      Overall, the problem with Briana’s article is that instead of helping woman feel good about their bodies and being a little less rigid about diet and excersise, she’s imposing yet another rule on woman. “Don’t demonize woman” sends the message to be uptight about a simple facebook post that was meant to make light of all the physical expectations put upon woman.

      • Briana Rognlin

        I expect that some people might think I’m being uptight, but I just think there are more female-positive ways to convey the message that “hey, it’s great to eat your greens, but you won’t die or look bad because you eat a hamburger, fries and shake sometimes.”

        Everyone’s body is different; we all react to various foods, exercise and lifestyle decisions differently. For some people, eating a too-strict “healthy” diet will make them stressed out all the time, which will end up damaging their health.

        Perhaps I am imposing yet another standard on women, but the idea is that by saying no to the constant message that beauty = happiness/health/success/superiority, we can feel more free to actually enjoy other things in life. (Like chocolate!)

    • Christa

      I agree with you Briana, and to be fair, if “don’t demonise women”is being seen as a rule, I think that should be classed as one of the most inoffensive, and *obvious*, rules out there that people should already be following! Thanks for pointing this meme out, people do need to be mindful of what they are perpetuating while trying to send a message they might see as cathartic for people trying to attain an unrealistic result for themselves that they perceive as required.
      I wanted to also point out that if Gillian was in the same relaxed, mouth-barely-open pose as Nigella, she probably wouldn’t be showing so many (likely still more though) facial creases comparatively! The photos aren’t really tit-for-tat in that respect. I’m sure even Nigella has more pronounced naso-labial creases when smiling big! Both are just different in looks, and agree, again, about the genetics of aging.

      • Briana Rognlin

        Thanks Christa! Your point about the photos are definitely true; angles, lighting, and makeup all do a LOT that you can’t really detect in a photo… but I stand by my point that factual errors and photo discrepancies aside, the post just focuses on the wrong points altogether. Even though I know some people think the meme promotes being more realistic about diet and health, I just hope the point gets through that proving this point by cutting down women for their looks is just making things worse, not better.

    • pixel

      it makes a great point about relaxing, NOT stressing about looks and enjoying life. being female does not mean your value and worth in life rests on liquid diets and detoxing your rear end.

      i know too many women who count calories and hyper stress about what they eat and up unhealthy as a result. this is a great pic that can help them.

      its also a good reminder to check out claims before you make decisions based on them.

    • Robert W

      It makes a great point about fats. Fat-scaredness is the number one killer. People who are scared of fat, eat too much carbs, starch and sugar which cause all kinds of problems (higher insulin levels and bad cholestorol).

      End the low-fat hoax now! Fat is healthy! Eat more fat!

    • Sane

      Please! The majority of you must be ugly but thin because this email, like any type of propaganda is riveting and really points out that perhaps wasting solely on veggies means you lack fat to make beautiful, feminine curves and proteins to make muscle. I’ve always wondered why vegetarians look so gaunt and sickly. I’m sorry but if eating veggies, juicing and detoxing (forcing bowel movements) could even POSSIBLY make me look as aged and emaciated as Ms. McKeith, than pass me a brew & a Porterhouse and get out of my face w/ 30 yrs of low-fat, carbo boosting nonsense that has the whole USA looking like Weeble Wobbles!

    • CW

      I have always heard that at a certain point in life, a woman has to choose between her face and her figure. Fat tends to make a middle-aged woman’s face look less wrinkled. My mom is thin, while her older sister is not. My aunt’s face does look more youthful than my mom’s even though she’s actually 3 years older. My mom says that she’d rather avoid the health risks of obesity, even if it is to the detriment of her face.

    • Jo

      @Sane: Gaunt? Sickly? Are you seriously saying that Brigette Bardot, Pam Anderson, Avril Lavigne, Shania Twain, Leona Lewis…and many others are gaunt and unsexy?

      • evan j

        @ jo I’m not quite sure what your point was. I’m guessing that you are linking vegetarians and beautiful people. Pam Anderson is a mess and has been for a long time. Even if she was that attractive, only so much is natural anyhow. Avril Lavigne is very average. She couldn’t get on homecoming court at most high schools. Yes Brigette Bardot was lovely. I’ll give you that one.I don’t know anything about Leona Lewis but saw that shes pretty. Shania Twain was attractive ten years ago. But I don’t know how much of a vegetarian she truly is. In interviews she would talk about how when she was growing up she and her family wouldn’t have made it without people giving her family meat they got on hunts. My guess is that’s something she started when she could financially afford to do it. Twain and Anderson both seem to be kind of tight with Peta and that would explain a lot really. The moment any celebrity is lets you know what they eat it’s for publicity. Personally I believe we should eat a little bit of everything. But if someone wants to limit things, good for them. It’s not my concern. But when we omnivores think strict vegetarian, we think of someone like gwyneth paltrow. She’s simply way too thin for looking appealing.

    • Geeks Galore

      Why is it always the ugly ones who complain about this sort of stuff lol

      • Audrey

        I donno, stop complaining then? lol

    • smartygirl

      the gillian defenders are kind of funny, considering she is known for claiming she can diagnose people’s health problems by looking at their hair and skin, and also is rude and badgering to overweight people on her tv shows. she bashes females all the time.

    • Brian C

      So a bunch of health enthusiasts are offended! Tough!! I personally knew people who went ‘vegan’ and they looked like crap! A well balanced diet of all food groups are what we need, not to eat alfalfa sprouts. You only have one life to live, so LIVE IT UP! I’m not saying to smoke and drink, as I do not partake in that, but let’s not get all crazy and ENJOY!

      • Jo

        No, you didn’t. The typical defensive omnivore just doesn’t want to admit the article is right because he agrees with the pic.

        but hey, do whatever you want- just don’t b*tch when that heart attack kills you at a young age while Carrie Underwood and Billy Idol look great.

    • Deb Duis

      Actually.. no it isn’t to all of your points. I don’t see the comparison that way at all. This has ‘nothing’ to do with beauty and ‘everything’ to do with the bollox that is put out there about low-fat and all the rest of the rubbish the diet industry and other associated industries who make enormous profits, want people to believe.

      It wasn’t the image of beauty which is genetic, I noticed so much as their SKIN first off. The body ‘needs’ fat.. period.
      f what they’re being fed, .. the pictures to me represent HEALTH, and the way our bodies are meant to be fed.. not beauty. This image is getting you to think about your perspective on food. That’s the reason this comparison was made.. not to degrade women, but to show how ridiculous and false all this stuff is about low-fat etc etc etc.

      If anyone is interested, I run an iFood group on facebook. It’s members are worldwide.
      If you want to lose bodyfat and do it without eating like a rabbit and get advice not funded by the diet industry then go to the link below. It’s a group page I created to get knowledge out there, and some of it will surprise you.

      I was big once, and done it all. I’m not big anymore and I’ve helped others lose too. There is no need live your life through a calorie counter and the scales… just understand what ‘actually is’ and how you see yourself will change :)

      My knowledge is based on failed things that went before, a long time in weight training, and understanding how the body processes food and what it does. I keep it simple and anyone is welcome to ask questions or post.

      I take photos of what I make and put them up for anyone to see. I also put in helpful links and generally just try to give people a different perspective about food.

    • Phillip

      Awwwww…we hurt your wittle feelings. Would you like a pillow to cry on? LOL.

      • Andrew

        Why is it always men who are the most rude and condescending in the comments section on here?

    • Debbie

      The whole point of the pictures… is not about beauty at all! It’s about all the bollox we’re fed about low-fat.. don’t eat this, don’t eat that nonsense!
      It’s merely showing up all this misinformation we’ve been fed for several decades, and what it does to your body.

      Although there are specific differences, our digestive systems haven’t changed. We still process food in the same way.. and our bodies still need the same basic nutrients.. The pictures show what happens when we don’t get the essential ones we need.. like fat!

      I see this is an excellent example of what starving your body of what it needs.. does to you. It doesn’t matter about specifics.. it’s a general theme and is applicable to everyone.

      The body needs fat.. period. If you don’t get fat, and good protein that is what happens. It’s about time someone or something was said about all the people who have been misinformed and misled over the years about fat. .. all the while fat is taken out of food and they fill up the vacuum of flavor with sugar!

      This isn’t about demonizing women at all.. it could have been too men.. who cars.. a valid and strong point is being made about fat/ protein and wreaking havoc on your body by doing things to it that aren’t good for it.
      A picture speaks a thousand words.. who is going to bother reading about it.. if you want to get a clear message out there then no better way than a picture. .. and it’s long overdue!

    • Katarina

      Thank you for this post! I have been seeing these around and I do find them offensive! First of all, they picked the most flattering photo of Nigella and the least flattering one of Gillian. Second of all, you don’t have to be Dionysus to enjoy life. I think people are posting these as an excuse for their poor diets and excessive behaviours. You don’t have to swear off desserts and neither do you have to soak every meal in butter. Listen to your body, because everyone is different! It’s rubbish that women would rather have no facial expressions and collapsed noses just because of ridiculous banter like this. Just stop and listen to yourselves, if you do your research you’ll see that Nigella’s hair is actually thinning. Go take care of yourselves and enjoy yourselves and stop thinking everyone has to look and do the same!

      • Debbie

        They’re posting the pictures because they’re fed up with being told what to eat! And pictures speak volumes. It’s about time the misinformation about eating fat was exposed for the nonsense that it is.
        The pictures are a representation between eating fat and not eating it. We’re constantly told NOT to eat it.. that it’s bad for us .. yadda yadda.. when in actual fact it is NOT true.

        Sugar is your number one enemy and the medical profession are now coming round to believing it :P
        I am not interested in how beautiful or not either of them is, but for one who promotes what she does about healthy eating it’s an irony. Of course the pictures are extreme, but I just look past all that lol

    • j. tourette

      You know, there’s nothing wrong with beauty and wanting to be beautiful. Even if you are not beautiful and you don’t care to try to be.

      Nigella’s cells are evidently healthier than Gillian’s, at least skin and hair cells.

      It is widely recognized by physicians and scientists worldwide that vegetarian diets aren’t that healthy, not for carnivorous mammals, anyway.
      hey! that’s exactly what we are!

      • Debbie

        @ j. tourette.. exactly! :) That is all this person is trying to say.. it’s nothing to do with anything else.

    • Leelee

      Humans are not carnivores. We are omnivores… We are supposed to eat a variety of foods to support our bodies needs.

      My point? Who gives a crap? Why do we as women focus so heavily on this ideal of beauty when the fact of the matter is that everyone gets older and eventually will die.

      Why do women somehow think that looking young makes you immortal? Veggies or meat, fat or thin, blond or brunette, none of it matters. We are all gonna die.

      Besides, skinny girls always look mad cause they are hungry.

      • rp

        Fat girls always tear down the skinny girl because they wish they were skinny. Some of us can eat all we want and not gain weight… it is called a higher metabolsim, some of us really do have one.

    • Tompika

      ah, and by the way the Nigella photo is so obviously photoshopped! It is a magazine photo, and it is standard practice to “fix” such pictures.

    • anonymousity

      This comparison is meant as a joke! Of course, it doesn’t prove things and nobody seriously thinks we should all smoke and eat fast food now (and Nigella’s nutrition seems not so unhealthy). But if you write or present things like “eat yourself sexy” and “you are what you eat” and at the same time look 10 years older than you are, this IS funny.
      (I didn’t know the two women when an English-speaking fb friend shared this image, and after reading about their professions I find it even funnier)

    • Shantanu Khandkar

      Humbug! Get over yourself. There might as well be a list of what is and what isn’t considered offensive to women. I saw this a ling time ago, and while I understand the fact that this is obviously a joke and should not be taken seriously, sexism was the furthest thing from my mind when I saw this. And comparing this to Hitler? Let’s see. The ethnic cleansing of millions of people against some silly people feeling bad because someone called them ugly…hmmm… YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF! By the way, Nigella is Jewish, so that just puts a whole new spin on the Hitler comparison. DEAR GOD!!!

    • Truth Mongeror

      We can’t celebrate a beautiful in her 50′s because it demeans another woman the same age???? This posting has message about judgement and self indulgence that runs deeper than whether one woman is more attractive than the other. The bottom line is the women on the left represents restriction and judgement while the other represents indulgence and enjoyment. Which one is healthier is irrelevant, although it looks as though the woman on the left is lacking minimum fat cells, thus making her skin look looser and less attractive. The population doesn’t want to be lectured so what better way to null an argument by making it an issue of physical attractiveness. For years vegans and health gurus have turned their noses up at those who enjoy foods of a more indulgent nature, so the tables have been turned on them by making it an issue of physical attraction, which ironically is a market that the health nuts came is theirs.

      • Gidget


      • Briana Rognlin

        Right, and all I’m arguing is that maybe we should all stop turning our noses up at each other…because bashing each other doesn’t actually feel good.

    • Ryan

      Wait, what? You can’t disprove the vegan lifestyle using a sample size of two? Why not? It’s soooo convenient.

      • Briana Rognlin

        Ha, exactly Ryan!

    • Diviney

      Rationalize all you want. You cannot rationalize truth into falsehood, the same as repeating a lie into a truth. Neitehr works – ask Obama.

      I suggest reposting this photo often to get people to look into their eating habits and the requirements of healthy human nutrition. Remember eggs were deadly last decade but this decade they save lives by increasing the good cholesteral more than the bad? Why do so, so many centurians say they ate bacon and eggs every day their entire life? Ever wonder about that, you, you…vegans?

    • Alison

      bloomin’ eck! What’s happened to peoples senses of humour.

      I can’t believe that anyone would take this seriously, It’s obviously ment as a joke.

      When briana talks about demeaning women because of stereotypical view points, it’s the law of nature!!! Those with big boobs, a nice smile curvaceous body, are seen by the opposite gender as being a good candidate for mating. Well that’s what I was taught in school biology!)

      If this was a comparission of a skinny lioness and a fat one I’m sure the Lion would prefer the later.

      Briana….get a life Lv, No disrespect was ment to Gillian…She’s in the public eye so should expect some backlash. If she can’t see the humour in it then she needs a personality transplant.

      Chill out!!!!!!!!

    • Max Schwartz

      Briana Rognlin could you be any more daft? This has nothing to do with beauty, nothing to do with objectification, and nothing to do with gender at all! You hilarious embarrassment of a dunce, could you miss the point any more?

      • Briana Rognlin

        Wow, this is such a strong argument. Personal insults and zero reasoning have totally changed my mind! You’re right!

        When you can post a proper comment with something interesting to reply to, let’s talk.

    • Elle

      Briana, your analysis is on the mark but your audience is unfamiliar with feminism. Please don’t take it hard; their ignorance and meanness of course does not reflect on you, and is mostly about, well, ignorance and meanness, but also it’s clearly a backlash to the moralizing of the asceticists that we’ve all been pounded over the head with for so long only to find that they’ve been wrong about a lot of it. But that’s a point that can and should be made without objectifying women and making it all about how closely they fit the current beauty ideal. Although even if a person has no interest in being a human being or else has no clue as to the machinations and effects of the kyriarchy, the argument is still stupid, given that Nigella clearly has genetics on her side as to the current beauty ideal, as well as plenty of makeup and clever photoshopping. The fact that the pictures chosen aren’t balanced fairly as to the latter means that the point never was, even stupidly, about comparing the effects of two different diets. It always was about tearing one woman down and building another up, according to the standard of what makes men get woodies.

    • CJT

      I just saw this on Facebook and I liked it only because I think people shouldn’t worry so much and should eat a balanced diet rather than an extreme diet. I didn’t think of it as sexist, but I guess in a way it is mean and somewhat of a mistake to engage in these “older woman” comparisons that reinforce attitudes of superiority and me vs. you. I don’t think it’s the end of the world but generally we could all be nicer to each other.
      It’s true that the differences in the women could be largely down to genetics but I wanted to make a point that another lifestyle choice that isn’t being mentioned perhaps should be. That is sun damage. I moved from up north do a place further south recently and noticed immediately that everyone looked about ten years older than my same-aged friends up north. That said, find friends and lovers who love you just the way you are and don’t flipping worry about it unless you want to be miserable your whole short life.

    • HB

      Have you seen the ads that appear on this site? Most of them are targeted to the idea that “attractiveness is the most important feature of women.” However, it’s women who do this to themselves, they are the biggest critics of their “sisters.”

      • Olga

        A little education would go a long way… the survival of the species depends on the attractiveness of women… whether you like to recognize it or not. The issue lies on what different cultures regards as attractive.

      • jo

        sure, if by “women” you accidentally added the unnecessary wo-

        no one is a bigger catty, judgmental drama queen or as LOUD about it as men. notice the ones loving this pic are- SHOCKER- men.

    • Harry B.

      Have you looked at the ads on this site? If so, why are you using them? You’d rather profit from your rantings than stick to your principles? These ads clearly insinuate that attractiveness is the most important feature of women. Get off of your high horse. Women are the worst critics of other women, which drives a lot of this crap.

    • Sean Stormcrow

      all I will say is this: if you find it offensive, don’t read it. we have this little piece of paper here in the U.S. called the BILL OF RIGHTS, which makes very clear provisions for Freedom of Speech & Freedom of Press. perhaps if Ms. McKieth weren’t so busy trying to convince everyone that their basic human instincts are wrong, she would be so broadly criticized. honestly, she’s a self-important egocentric busybody HAG. & she needs to stop telling ANYONE else how to live their lives.

    • Span

      Never mind all the feminist issues – I just think it’s funny ‘cos G Mckeith is bossy, mean and self important, I followed her dietry advice once and was suicidal with hunger…. where as Nigella is lovely, friendly, down to earth and what’s more stuffs her face! Who makes people happier?

      • Erhan

        Dear Facebook Friends,

        Please DON’T STOP sharing this message. It’s indeed NOT offensive, but actually very INFORMATIVE!

    • Lisa S

      I don’t think it bashes women… it bashes GUILT!

    • Sina

      wow you’re taking this way too seriously. It’s not bashing women at all. It’s just pointing out an ironic fact that nigella looks MUCH younger and has a bad diet compared to gillian. Does this mean we should eat like nigella? Not at all. You’re drawing conclusions and seeing things that aren’t even there. However the photos don’t reveal the bodies of the women. If they would we would see that nigella is overweight.

    • Holmes Place Fitness

      Briana Rognlin you seem like one of those idiots trying to be vegetarian & still are fat & fatigue.

      Nigella Lawson is sexy, hot, smoking & even know to cook. Men dream of such heavenly woman.

      Gillian McKeith looks like a full ashtray. You are what you eat. So live with it.

    • Pallav

      Just saw the latest pictures of Nigella..she has lost some weight and looks those who are dissing her pics as photoshops need to do some research and see her in all her avatars on print..and on TV..well, if looks were not important, it wouldn’t have been a $250 billion + industry..I follow a balanced diet and it works for me…but thankfully a lot of us like a healthy looking woman instead of a wrinkly piece of flesh on a cloth-hanger that has become a fad these days..

    • D.

      I have to say, it’s hilarious how many people have told the author she’s “taking it too seriously” and then proceeded to write long, angry paragraphs about how wrong they think she is.

    • Kent

      It is true that physical attractiveness is not necessarily an indicator of health. However, symmetrical features aside, it’s clear to me that healthy people do NOT look like Gillian McKeith.

      McKeith is a woman who makes much of her living on television; the hypothesis that McKeith only doesn’t look as attractive as Nigella is therefore absurd — she doubtless has consultants and beauticians on call to make her look as good as she possibly can, because to sell the vegan lifestyle she advocates, she needs to present the image of vitality.

      In that first picture, she’s clearly made up to the pinnacle of the cosmetician’s art — and that’s the best that that cosmetician could achieve?? Good makeup artists can achieve miracles, so if this is the result, one can only imagine how bad McKeith looked sans help.

      It’s not that her features are unattractive — of COURSE not everyone is born beautiful or handsome. It’s her dull eyes, lack of skin tone, and limp, dull hair. A look at the photo of her without makup shows dry patches, brittle hair and spots. A healthy 51-year-old simply does NOT look like that, and without even knowing who she was, the first thing I’d think upon meeting this woman would be, “This woman needs to seriously change her diet to something healthier.” To find out she’s looked upon as a dietary/health expert is extremely alarming.

    • Dana

      I had a good laugh from this FB post. That really was what it was meant to be, a funny witty joke. Nothing serious. I’m sure we all agree that it’s what comes outside the mouth that matters and not what goes in. After all, a healthy spirit lives in a healthy body and not the other way around.

    • Ian Cook

      “In both cases, it’s insinuated that attractiveness is a) the most important feature of women (above health), and b) a valid marker of someone’s overall health.”

      Oh please, get a life…. and a sense of humour transplant!!! You seriously need both.

    • Nolan

      Telling people to stop posting this image on the interwebs, eh? You must be new here.

    • Natasha

      Nigella is lovely… both in and out. Gillian… according to this… not so much.

    • Mrs. F

      Sorry, but I think the point being made by the pic is not about attractiveness and beauty, but it’s about wearing your health on your face. I think for as rude and obnoxious Gillian McKeith is about her agenda, it sure isn’t keeping her skin healthy. I have no opinion on Nigella’s way of life except it will catch up to her in the end, most likely. Everything in moderation.

    • Informed

      Gillian McKeith is an idiot and a fraud. She doesn’t even have a real doctorate and her “academic” more often than not references non peer reviewed articles in holistic magazines. She has never published in a real peer reviewed academic journal and any1 who has requested her PhD can’t get ahold of it (thats public information btw). If you want the facts on Gillian McKeith and have a little bit of time. I suggest you read this article its very accurate:

    • DivieByZero

      I’ll share anything I want Brianna. “Me thinks the lady doth protest too much”

    • phil randall

      its not truly offensive but does point out that an unhealthy diet (vegan/vegitarianism) doesnt help your health in any way…if you dont play close attention to replacing with supplements, to replace stuff your body gets from meats and fish you’ll age and damage your body.
      we as a species require a fair mix food, one or the other on its own is detrimental to your health.

      • Nova

        Vegetarianism isn’t harmful and you don’t need supplements if you eat properly… don’t be ignorant.

      • phil randall

        you only have to look at a vegetarian or vegan to see they lack something…..i’m not being ignorant…have had 2 people i know that were vegetarian and they were told by a doctor it was unhealthy…and they needed to eat meat or fish as part of their diet.. vegetarian/vegan cant fight off infections or illness as effectively as someone that has a balanced diet…as an omnivore i am supposed to eat both….that’s how we have evolved, don’t eat meat i really couldn’t give a crap..more meat and fish for me:P vegetarians/ vegans will soon go extinct ..well we can hope:P

    • Janine Holmes

      I guess someone could also make an equally offensive comparison between a really overweight wrinkly meat meater and a healthy beautiful vegan/vegetarian. Of which there or many! I was really disappointed when one of my male friends shared this on facebook.

    • Awesome Bob

      Dear Facebook friends,

      Please keep sharing the picture and feel free to express your opinion. Ignore the censors and eventually they will give up.

    • williamgoodnight

      as a man we are always going ot rate women on attractiveness moustached feminists who have never worked a day in your life GET OVER IT. that’s life anyone who says otherwise is a liar

    • JOY

      No i don’t think there’s any bit of misogyny going on in any of this…it’s sad if any woman/man felt this way…because the topic at hand is way more alpha-essential/fundamentally prenominal!
      Which is but offcourse :-
      Veg VS N-Veg
      Detox Diet VS Healthy Diet
      Colonic Irrigation VS Natural Internal Cleansing
      Supplements VS Natural Food
      At the end of the day it’s left up to you whether u want to take instructions from a 3rd party person about what to eat & how to live your life OR trust your inner voice?

    • Paul-Wesley Bowen

      Unfortunately, the photos are what they are. Comparing the two to humorously prove that veg vs. non-veg is favorable to veg … it’s hilarious. I do feel sorry though for the McKeith because she just is not a “poster lady” and while she does represent a more moderate lifestyle, she really can’t prove it by her looks, and that is not “bashing” her. She touts healthiness but doesn’t look anywhere near healthy.

    • J

      I think this is a great topic to dicuss, its a choice to be vegetarian or not and its a choice to eat healthily, the problem is that each body is different and responds differently to different forms of exercise, types of food, and ” unhealthier habits”. The latest craze teaching people to live on a small piece of lean steamed meat and vegetables with a sprinkle of chilli flakes or other meal plans completely cutting out carbohydrates and meats to gain these from an all vegetarian diet is not at all something we should be teaching people either. do not stuff you face with crisps and chocolate, and butter laden baked goods, but do not throw them out the window either. Nigella is as she is because she eats everything in small portions ( we di not see everything tha goes on behind the scenes) another one to look out for is Giada, we all have a thing or two to learn from her, shes absolutely gorgeous and eats evrything ( again in a balanced way) If Nigella looks better than McKieth its probably a small bit to do with genes but a lot more to do with knowing how to keep your body happy. Eating in extremes i.e. too much refined foods or only vegetables and nothing added either of those are ;likely to tax your body ( stress it out).

    • F

      It’s hard to side with the writer of this article, when the “What We’re Reading” articles promoted directly underneath are: 8 Celebs Who Are Aging Badly; We Can’t Help But Stare… Sophia Vergara Pictures. Not only that but a recommended related article is entitled
      New Jersey Plastic Surgeon Wants To Fix Your ‘Runner’s Face’

      Yeah, I don’t think this Gillian McKeith vs. Nigella Lawson email is the reason woman have issues with their bodies/attractiveness.

    • Val

      I agree with Dana….you people need to get a sense of humor!

    • Adam Richman

      Awe Cmon sharing on facebook is all about having fun . There is no damage done by having a few laughs . Besides pictures really do speak more than thousand words.

    • Anna

      I know this is old, but I must say that in fact, the type of features that make Nigella attractive are in fact signs of health. Supple, smooth skin, shiny hair, healthy teeth, glowing eyes–these are all signs of health. Neither of these women have to look the way they do at their age.

      Obviously I know nothing about the medical records of Ms. Lawson or Ms. McKeith but I do know that Lawson claims she has not had surgery. It is known–scientifically proven, just search “stress longevity” and “supplements longevity” in pubMed–that stress and negative thinking can weaken your health and reduce lifespan, while supplements and all of this woo-woo nonsense McKeith *sells* do little to help except in a clinical environment for very specific issues.

      So I think this picture makes a good point. Look at what these women make their living selling. Nigella Lawson sells a happy, well-rounded lifestyle of tradition, life’s sweeter pleasures, and joie de vivre. McKeith sells a lifestyle of sacrifice, fear of toxins, and pseudoscience. They sell with their names so it’s only fair to judge the results that they themselves have achieved.

      If being vegan or vegetarian and getting enemas makes you happy and youthful, go for it. But if you’re trying to achieve balance in your life, you should absolutely look at the outcomes of these lifestyles.

      Moreover, this is not bashing females. Plenty of people have shown off the “old” Bill Clinton’s physique against the “new” physique to demonstrate the benefits of a vegan diet:

      See? Not only women are judged on their looks. Even Bill Clinton is.

      Finally, nobody is saying, “Therefore, McKeith is a bad person” or “Therefore, she’s not a good woman”. They are not saying, “So I wouldn’t hang out with McKeith, because she is not pretty.” They are just pointing out that the diet *which McKeith makes a living selling* does not appear to be doing her a lot of good. Whereas Lawson’s diet looks like it might work for me, too. That’s it.

      Sincerely, another feminist who doesn’t have time to pretend that everyone is equally attractive, or patience for people who are in denial of evolutionary biology.

      • Little Miss Sunshine

        Hmmm. Why would you assume that vegetarians/ vegans aren’t happy? I’m vegan, and I never regret not eating meat. In fact, I’ve been a vegetarian for 12 years, and vegan for the past year, and stopping eating meat is one of the best choices I’ve ever made. Seriously – GROW UP!! Being vegetarian does not mean you cannot enjoy food, or be healthy, or feel full. Those are common misconceptions that prove how ignorant and stupid you are. If eating corpses, or secretions of other beings makes you happy, there’s something seriously wrong you. And no matter how pointy Nigella’s tits are….

    • Cindy D.

      Nigel has had plenty of facial injections to lift her features.
      Most celebs say they have not had surgery and omit regular injections of Botox and facial fillers.

      I look young and slim thanks to my over a decade long vegan diet.
      I have tried Restylene and it helps.
      Do both!

    • Natasha G

      lol quit being so defensive over a mere JOKE. Because that’s exactly what it is…just a joke!

      And no offense to any women or men out there, but in my and even my fiance’s experience every single vegan person that we have ever met look like pale anorexic starving zombies with really bad posture…sorry.

      I was once a vegetarian for 3 years and because of it I ended up with many health problems such as really bad anemia, acid reflux and chronic back pains. My doctors urged me to go back to a normal well balanced diet that included meats and fats so finally I did and now 12 years later I feel and look great, I still get ID’d every time and everyone thinks I’m 10 years younger than I actually am. In fact they don’t believe me when I tell them my age, I have to prove it to them and hand over my ID.

      I understand that genetic plays a big role in aging and that everyone’s body responds differently to different foods (duh). So maybe this Gillian shouldn’t preach about being vegan and “holistic”, because it doesn’t work for everyone.

      Being vegan is a luxury…if you were living in a 3rd world country you don’t have that choice and will eat what ever’s put in front of you. So I would instead encourage women to enjoy and eat what they love within reason, after all you only live life once. Every woman is beautiful just the way they are no matter what they eat or don’t eat.

      • A. Love

        Just want to say that you obviously haven’t met that many vegans because me and my family look and feel great. I have been a vegetarian all my life and a vegan for the past year. Since becoming vegan my family has gone from being sick all the time to hardly ever sick and my husbands severe allergies are gone. We have lost weight and our immune systems are stronger now. And I would like to point out that just because a person claims to be vegan doesn’t mean they are healthy. Being a vegan means you have to work hard at eating a variety of foods to maintain health and we still have to refrain from the “bad” stuff like SUGAR! And just because someones eats meat doesn’t mean they are healthy if they don’t get a variety of minerals and vitamins. And by the way, meat is the Luxury!!! The meat industry is one of the most wasteful and harmful to the environment. And if more people would refrain from animals then there would be less hunger around the world!!! Do you know how much meat would cost if it wasn’t subsidized? And one more thing a person can be drop dead gorgeous and the “picture of health” and die in an instant and be a beautiful, gorgeous dead person!!! Of the people who live the longest, a high percentage of them are either vegetarian or vegan. And if they women on the left looks old but lives to be 101 then I’ll take longevity over beauty that may not last…

      • RedHead

        I know a Size 14 vegan with bright eyes, boundless energy and a tan. Maybe she’s not a real vegan.

      • Jessie

        Beautifully said Natasha. I can not agree more. :)

      • Jo

        why don’t YOU stop being defensive, little miss Novel of a Reply?

        and wow. anorexic? are you so morbidly obese that anyone thinner than you “looks” anorexic? you’re either an ignoramus (very likely) who doesnt know what big words mean or are seriously obese (also likely though not as much). and yeah, those ICKY pale people! pale is WRONG. Look how NASTY and WHITE they are!

        and exactly… you only live ONCE, so why ruin the one body you have with crap like you dont love it? #fatpeoplemottos

    • Helen

      Give us a break. This has nothing to do with offending womanhood or vegetarianism. This is about the irony of presenting someone like Gillian as a health and wellbeing expert. The woman is clearly unhappy in life, very shrewish, obsessed with shit (literally) and completely neurotic. The unflattering image of her fits what we know of her personality and approach. Its ok to have a laugh about it, its funny because of her own ridiculousness.

    • Joan

      Thank you for the link which I shall share wildly. Just saying things does not make them so. You appear to me to be a horrible mindless life-loving troll who feeds on discontent and misery.

      The next step from your manipulation for people WHO JUST WILL NOT LISTEN would be force and legislation.

      Be gone from these wondrous times.

    • Random

      The thing is, my friend, Gillian and others healthy nazis advertise that in order to get BEAUTIFUL you need to be HEALTHY. Beauty comes with healthiness. That’s why the photo is there.

      For instance, she says: clean skin->vit. A
      good mood-> green vegetables
      soft hair-> proteins from plants… etc etc

    • Frida

      LOL I follow the same diet thata Nigella and I feel superb :D

      • Audrey

        Tell yourself that when you get a heart attack at age 40 and try to run a mile without huffing and puffing after a minute.

    • Phil Cooper

      Briana, would it make you feel any better if the two photos were of men of similar age and disparate dietary habits? Would you have called it a “Male-Bashing Jack Smith vs. William Brown Photo”?

      No? I didn’t think so.

      I’m curious: How many angels can dance on your head?

    • Kate Gibson

      Aren’t YOU sharing the very things you’re telling people not to, by writing an entire article, complete with photos and description, about it? I only knew about this comparison because of this article, so, in my opinion, you are just as bad as the people you are complaining about…

      • vonvonic

        Actually came down to the comments to say the very same thing.. You got there first.

    • Leah Kelly

      Gillian McKeith is not a qualified nutritionist. Her television acclaimed title of Dr was stripped following exposure by a Guardian journalist who bought the equivalent online qualification for his cat. As a qualifiied nutritionist from a recognised UK university let me recommend that any advice you take from this woman is at your own risk.

    • Paul

      He’s not 50, but for anyone looking for pro-vegan role models…

    • Shard

      I do agree with your point that we shouldn’t measure a woman (or anyone’s) worth on how they look, I don’t find this particular macro offensive, as a massive part of Gillian McKieths thing is putting people down for their eating habits and telling them how ugly they will be if they do not become vegan, she has reduced people to tears doing this numerous times. Plus all the ideas that going vegan is healthier are completely unsubstantiated. If she wasn’t so sanctimonious then Id probably have more of a problem with it.

      • Parson

        Vegans make me chuckle. They won’t consume things like milk, eggs and honey because an animal has had to work to produce them. They care more for cows, chickens and bees than they do the immigrants picking their fruit.

      • LCBlahBlahBlah

        First, this is a logical fallacy of false dic

      • cornelius

        Immigrants WANT to be here to pick fruit you moron. You going to do that job? No, you’re not. You’d give up in a half hour pussy.

    • figster

      I’d smash Lawson’s back doors in without a second thought, whereas McKeith can go poke her tofu where the sun don’t shine. Sorry for being human…

    • AdServe Digital Signage

      Yes she is a joke, no amount of botox or filler could make her even compare with that other beautiful round HEALTHY looky woman. As Shard here has said this vegan unspeakably ugly thing goes and puts other people down! we are meat eating animals! its what we have done forever on this earth! Other animals eat and hunt and kill in cruel ways to get there food, it is just nature. this woman looks and sounds like a witch

    • Poor Briana

      Briana: I don´t know how on Earth I ended reading your post. Anyway, Nigella is absolutely gorgeous and the dragon lady on the left, whoever she is, is something I wouldn´t like to meet at night just around the corner. You should really consider leaving the Tupperware you live in and go out, know real people and learn about life. By the way… I will certainly post Nigella vs. the Dragon Lady picture on my Facebook and I will request all my friends to do the same!

    • Meat Destroyer

      Hilarious! What came first, the vegan or the psycho?

    • Annie

      Only just came across this……..strange – haven’t you just ‘shared’ this picture in your blog when perhaps it would be more appropriate, given your outrage, to describe the offending comparison pictures.,.Maybe you’re not so outraged at all !!

    • Guy Man

      I think it’s supposed to be taken with a pinch of salt. It’s not a scientific study, it’s just one example. Physical beauty should be celebrated. Cheers for reminding me to share this picture again!

    • KS

      Here’s the thing. I constantly see vegan nuts posting images of fat people, ridiculing them of not being healthy, along with images of muscular women, claiming that they’re leading a healthy lifestyle. It’s funny that when someone does the opposite, people get offended. At the end of the day, “healthy” comes in all shapes and sizes. And just because someone looks fit, it doesn’t mean that they make healthy choices in their lives.

    • Pamelaa

      I was looking for the photo to share with a friend who is telling me what to eat and how to feed my children. He is very sickly looking compared to my family. I liked your take on it and will keep it in mind even if I do take after Nigella more than I do after the other lady.

    • faziomba

      If I saw Gillian McKeith walking around at night, I’d shoot first and ask questions later. Not only is she ugly and opinionated, she is also dictatorial in her proselytising. And she is part of a growing community that are fighting a tooth and nail battle to remove from life everything that is pleasurable and enjoyable. It is an attack on hedonism that we should not countenance, truly something up with which we should not put. If you are on a quest for the mortification of the flesh, go back to the middle ages. I’d be curious to know how ‘attractive’ the author of this post is…..

    • sisterfunkhaus

      It is also a lie. Gillian isn’t a vegetarian or vegan. She eats meat. There are also quite a few flattering pics of her on the internet. Finding the worst pic you can of someone, and the best of another isn’t fair play at all. It’s stupid and ignorant. Worrying about how someone else eats is also stupid.

    • Mike Stirton


      Just WOW! You sure came to some insane conclusions about what many perceive about these two women. Yes, Nigella is a very attractive woman. And the other woman is not. Simple as that. There is no “female” bashing. I can say the same damn thing about many men as I could about those two women. Simple fact is, Nigella hands down looks healthier despite the unhealthy (relativistic claptrap) lifestyle she leads relative to that of Gillian. I challenge you to find a picture of Gillian in her 50s that is actually flattering and screams youthful vigor and vitality. Good luck to that. Nigella on the other hand exudes youthful vitality.

      And unlike your unfounded bullshit you spouted about how we look over time as genetic, there is scientific proof that we are geared “genetically” to gravitate towards attractive people. How we look on the outside as we age is dictated far more by lifestyle choices than it is genetics. Use too much makeup, get too much sun and so on can lead to premature damage to the skin. Observe the differences in skin quality of someone who suntanned all their life to that of someone else who avoided it. Do the same likewise to someone who did not apply makeup vs those that did…perhaps the comparisons will startle you into realizing that we can either age gracefully, or be the crash test dummy. Gillian was healthy at one point in her life, but evidently her lifestyle choices (the diet is more than likely a part of it) resulted in her looking like a prune instead of the original plumb.

      Regardless of that, I do not view these two ladies in a sexual manner, but that of a healthy appeal…of which Nigella has plenty and all of it thanks to not buying into the superficial bullshit seen by the likes of Hollywood celebs who go to these health gurus (Gillian et al) thinking they will get good results. Invariably they do not get good results.

      Someone else a long time ago once said to me, if given the choice, a fat cook/chef or a skinny cook/chef, which should I choose when dining out…I thought the skinny cook as an obvious answer (and certainly falls into your line of thinking here) because I do not find fat people remotely appealing to me visually, same sex or otherwise. Getting your panties up in a wad will not change how I view that. But I digress. I was told by this old friend to choose the fat cook. Her reasoning was that the fat cook likely got that way from eating their own dishes they prepare for others, that it was likely tastier than the food prepared by the skinny cook/chef. I never saw correlation to reality, but that doesn’t mean she was off the mark on the comment. In fact, the above comparison underscores that comparison…Nigella is, relative to Gillian, fat. And yet Nigella is, relative to many other people, thin.

      And finally, it is ALL about selling a product. In that case, the product is the lifestyle choice and they, these two women, are merely the packaging of that product. That is the whole point of the argument…but I guess you felt the need to go on a sexist rant and this seemed to you to be the right argument. Sadly, your readers, the majority, do not agree with you on this.