Autumn Eats: Easy Pumpkin Wontons

Are they a desert? An appetizer? I was trying to decide how to classify these savory and sweet pumpkin wontons—filled with a mix of pureed pumpkin, almonds, molasses and fresh rosemary—for you, but you know what? Serve them as whatever you like—a snack, a side, a party hors d’ouevre. I brought a version of these holiday-friendly, vegetarian wontons to my family’s Thanksgiving gathering last year, and though at first folks were skeptical—wontons at Thanksgiving?—after everyone tasted them I got complaints for not bringing more. Best of all for party prep, they require very little hands-on time. You can make the filling in advance (in a food processor), then simply fill and fold the wonton shells and cook for 15 minutes when you’re ready.

(makes enough filling for 20-25 wontons)

• ¼ cup organic canned pumpkin puree
• ¼ cup raw almonds
• 1 teaspoon molasses
• 1 teaspoon fresh rosemary
• 1 package Nasoya all-natural wonton wraps (or whatever wraps you prefer, but in my experience, these are the easiest to find at most grocery stores—check next to the tofu or natural foods area)
• olive oil


• Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

• In food processor, blend pumpkin, almonds, molasses and rosemary.

• Spread wonton wrappers on a lightly-oiled cookie sheet.

• Spoon a little bit of the pumpkin mix (about the size of a quarter) into the center of each wonton wrapper.

• Fold up the corners of the wonton wrapper, bringing them to a point in the center. Wet your fingers if necessary, or brush the tips of the wontons lightly with olive oil to help corners stick together.

• Bake for approximately 15 minutes.

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