Black Friday Fitness: 9 Exercises You Can Do While Standing In Line

Standing in line on Black Friday discounts and sales is an epic post-Thanksgiving tradition for many of us, and it’s also one that hijacks your morning exercise. And if you carbo load like I do on Thanksgiving, you could definitely use the morning workout to help flush some of the extra glucose out of your system and get your blood sugar back to normal. We know there’s not much hope of convincing you to head to the gym instead of the lines at Best Buy and Target, so we dug up a few exercises so that you can complete a few circuits while you’re staking out a spot in line.

Complete a series of these workout moves and you won’t feel so guilty when you rush home to watch your big, discounted flat-screen TV:

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    • Yann

      I think the instructions should be in green or something.
      (dark grey against light grey is hard to see and less motivating to read and do the exercise in my opinion…)