Thanksgiving Dinner For Cheap: 5 Dishes That Will Save You Money

The rising cost of food means Thanksgiving will be more expensive this year. In fact, your holiday meal will run you about 13% more than last year, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation. That may not sound like much, but every dollar adds up (especially when the pressure to start shopping for Christmas begins the next day). Your turkey alone (for an average 16-pounder) will likely add an extra $4 to your feast. So how do you put on a delicious, festive meal for less? We have a few suggestions. Take a look:




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    • Eden

      I am a big fan of any soup or stew or other recipe made in a crock pot. You can get lots of flavor for minimal money. And even use leftovers in a creative way. Here are some great crock pot ideas:

      Favorite Hearty Soups, Stews and Crock Pot Recipes

    • Hanna Brooks Olsen

      I love creamed corn in a way that is really a little absurd. I make it into corn chowder by adding more corn, broth, a little bit of milk or coconut milk, and whatever else I want. It’s so so so yummy.

    • Renee

      Oooh wow! I haven’t had creamed corn in a long while! These are some good tips but another great idea for a cheaper and “pre-cooked” Thanksgiving sides dish is to buy from Trader Joe’’s a list of some of the Thanksgiving-inspired meals they have >