Pimp My Health: 5 Ways To Sleep Better

If you ever spend a night tossing and turning, it may not surprise you that two out of three women have trouble sleeping. And even though studies have shown that the minimum amount is seven hours for us (seven and a half for men), the majority of us don’t get that. Not only will this lack of shut-eye make you–and likely everyone around you–miserable, but a continued lack of sleep can contribute to a variety of health problems, including a 50% increased risk of viral infections, an increased risk of heart disease and stroke, plus mental decline, overeating and accelerated aging. So what to do? We’ve all heard the advice about darkening your room, turning off the TV and drinking warm milk, but here are some other tips you may not have heard:

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    • Katie Hawn

      Another easy, and fun, way to get better sleep is to use your brain and intention to tell your body how you want to sleep, and how you want to feel when you wake up. Use words like deep, healing, healthy, and refreshing. I have meditated for 20 years and tried this once when I only had four hours to sleep, and really needed to rest as I was looking forward to a 15 hour work day ahead. It worked so well, I started setting my intention every night, and then started asking for whatever I thought I needed at the moment – health, wealth, love. I worked out a system and words that worked best. A couple of years ago I figured out no one else seemed to be doing this. Just me. It was too fun not to share, so I wrote it all up to share. Sleep doesn’t have to be just sleep, it can be so much more. http://www.magicnightsbook.com