8 Really Offensive Photoshopped Covers In 2011

Despite the backlash women’s magazines have received on photoshopping and whittling away the waistlines, arms and thighs of their models to unrealistic proportions, these covers continue to grace our checkout lines (and hopefully not our mailboxes if you’re like me and canceled any such subscriptions). On top of portraying women as flawless with Barbie-fied bodies, these photoshopped and airbrushed photos continue to make women and girls feel badly about themselves–even though we know they are not real. It’s just offensive that women continue to get portrayed like that and told that their real and imperfect bodies are not good enough for the public to see. To prove our point, we pulled together a roundup of some of the most offensive photoshopped covers of the year. Take a look and see if you agree:

Photo: womenshealth.com

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