• Thu, Dec 15 2011

Punch Recipe: Low-Cal Ginger Rum Punch

shutterstock_103119272I’m not generally one to recommend carbonated beverages as an alcoholic drink base, but diet ginger ale works nicely for this holiday-party-minded rum punch recipe (and, hey, it’s still a hell of a lot healthier than many holiday drink bases).

The only ingredients other than spiced rum and diet ginger ale in this l0w-calorie rum punch are fresh ginger and champagne. Might we suggest this for followers of the Champagne Diet this holiday season?


1 bottle Spumante champagne
3 cans diet ginger ale
1.5 cups spiced rum
1 tbsp fresh finely-grated ginger


In punch bowl, combine ginger ale, champagne and rum. Grate fresh ginger on top and stir.

Serve over ice.

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