Healthy Giving: Quick Homemade Holiday Gifts

We polled Blisstree readers earlier this month about homemade holiday gifts, and the consensus seems to be ‘right on.’ When asked what kinds of homemade gifts you like receiving, more than 60% said “homemade sweets, canned goods or other food items.” This far outpaced second- and third-place answers, “anything knit or crocheted” (13%) and “crafty things, decorative objects, pottery or artwork” (10%). Which is good news—while there might not be time for most of us to knit a scarf before Christmas, there’s still plenty of time to whip up holiday treats (we’ve posted a few of our own holiday recipes here and here). From granola to drunken prunes to potted seedlings, the following homemade holiday gift ideas, culled from around the web, are creative, healthy, pragmatic (which Merriam-Webster has just announced as its Word of the Year for 2011) and great for vegetarians.

For the record, only about 5% of our poll respondents said they’d prefer cash or gift certificates to other homemade gifts. That’s less than the 6% who said they’d take homemade lube …


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