Meatless Monday: 10 Vegetarian Christmas Dinner Recipes

apple fennel salad recipeMost of us spend more time worrying about which cookies to bake for the holiday season than what we’ll put on the table for Christmas — which is probably why so many of us end up noshing on cured ham for the whole last week of December. But we encourage you to take a break from the rolling pin and cook up a vegetarian dinner for Meatless Monday; or at least make some vegetarian sides for a less-meatarian Christmas dinner. (Because let’s face it: dining on ham and mashed potatoes isn’t a nice thing to do to your body, especially not for several days straight.)

We dug up a few vegetarian dishes (seasonal, of course) that you can serve with or without meat for Christmas (but be warned: the presence of all these goodies on your table might make that ham seem less appetizing):

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    • Lena

      The Winter Quinoa Salad has turkey in it. Not exactly vegetarian.