Please Stop Bringing Me Unhealthy Cookies For Christmas

Dear neighbors, friends, co-workers and other well-meaning holiday-spirited individuals,

Please stop bringing me unhealthy Christmas cookies. It’s not that I’m not grateful for your thoughtfulness, because I truly am. And it’s not that I don’t love sweets, because, ask anyone who knows me, I do. But here’s the thing: I don’t want them. I know the sugar and gingerbread cookies look really cute decorated with the multiple hues of icing, red and green trim and sprinkles, but can we be honest here? Rarely do they taste good. In addition, with all of the other sweets and treats we are surrounded with this time of year, I don’t really want any more unhealthy foods put in front of me.

Like I said, I appreciate your thoughtfulness and I can only imagine how much work it takes to bake all of these cookies, but if you’re going to go to so much trouble, might I be so bold as to suggest a few alternatives? Perhaps I speak on behalf of the rest of the company or neighborhood, or maybe it’s just me. Either way, if you still want to take time in the kitchen to make something, here’s what I would really love to receive:

Soup. Making a big pot of soup is probably simpler than baking so many cookies. You can easily give a small bowl to a lot of people. Plus, it can be a lot healthier. Just the thought of some hot veggie soup right now is really appealing.

Warm bread. Making small loaves of whole wheat or honey oat bread can be really simple and healthy too. Plus, you get the nostalgic and satisfying smell of bread baking in your oven!

Homemade jam. If you want to get creative with some seasonal fruits, how about a small jar of homemade jam? Or applesauce? Or cranberry chutney?

Fresh oranges. I live in Florida, so picking a few oranges or grapefruits from your tree would be an awesome gift.

Nothing. Really, none of these gifts is necessary. What I’d really love is just to spend time with you–perhaps a nice glass of wine on the porch one evening?




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    • Gloria Geary

      Hi there, there must be somthing wrong with me but i love the thought making something from the heart and giving at Christmas time. It makes me feel good inside and knowing that i have taken the time to make and bake christmas goodies to give away rather than just buy something can only be a blessing in this day and age of commercialised merchandise. Remember that Christmas is about giving from the heart not dictating what gifts you would like to suit your needs.Maby you could be grateful and say thank you for your lovely gift, and then donate it to your local homeless shelter, these homeless people would truly love those christmas cookies and goodies your sweet tooth is unable to bear. Have a wonderful love filled Christmas and a Happy New Year , greetings from Australia xxx Kind regards Gloria Geary