Daily Fail: Cosmetic Surgery Is Not A Good Christmas Gift

Our favorite ridiculous ‘news’ site, The Daily Mail, is running a piece today called “All I Want For Christmas Is A Tummy Tuck,” about how botox and cosmetic surgery are “now topping many women’s gift lists.” Ugh. Can you say bogus trend piece?

Here’s how the Mail article opens:

Bath bubbles and scented candles will simply not do. For a certain type of woman who has everything – including very generous family and friends – plastic surgery could make the ideal present.

It goes on to profile an American woman whose sister bought her botox treatments for Christmas, and … oh, wait, that’s it. One woman. One woman who wanted plastic surgery as a Christmas gift. That hardly seems to constitute evidence that “botox and cosmetic surgery are now topping many women’s gift lists.”

But, but … ABC news “reports that (Orange County California’s) local cosmetic surgeons are doing a busy trade at this time of the year, coping with the Holiday season boom in procedures,” the Mail notes. Which of course says nothing except that people in a certain very image-conscious part of California get a lot of cosmetic surgery this time of year—maybe in preparation for holiday parties or events, maybe because they have time off work, maybe we have no idea why and it doesn’t necessarily mean they were gifted these procedures.

So we’re just gonna go ahead and put the radical idea out there that this is a totally made-up trend. And, also, a terrible idea. Can you imagine getting an unsolicited gift certificate for plastic surgery or botox as a Christmas gift? [Kinda makes that anti-wrinkle cream or gym membership look good...] Maybe for some, nothing says love like, ‘Why, yes, honey I do think you need bigger boobs (a smaller nose/a tighter stomach/less ability to move the muscles in your face), and I’m willing to pay for it.’ But we’d advise against it.


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    • Angela Segal

      I actually agree that plastic surgery is not a good unsolicited Christmas gift. For the same reason a new puppy isn’t a good unsolicited Christmas gift. They both require much more work. And yes, after 17 + years in the cosmetic surgery business I can assure you that it is not a “new trend”. Made up? …probably. Hey, it’s hard to come up with new stories sometimes. As a patient advocate I do not want anyone to believe that cosmetic surgery is necessary. It is a personal choice and chosen for many different reasons. Everyone in Orange County (where I live and work) is not “very image conscious” as this writer suggest. Most of my clients want to maintain their best appearance at every age. No one calls people who choose braces as adults, or choose to dye their hair ” very image conscious” . While I agree that the “hype” and made up trend is stupid, attacking our area and those who choose to live here was really unnecessary to prove your point. http://www.cosmeticsurgeryadvisors.com

    • Hanna Brooks Olsen

      Oh, Daily Mail. I’d like to give you a lobotomy for Christmas.