5 Health And Fitness Apps You Must Get For The New Year


Back in the early days of Weight Watchers, you could always tell a dedicated member by who was toting around a calculator and a tiny Points converter out and about with them, so they could stay on track while outside the home. But now, with the advent of smart phones that are basically tiny computers, and apps that can do everything, everyone has basically all the tracking, training, and calorie-counting mechanisms they need to meet their weight loss and fitness goals–right at their fingers. But which ones are actually worth trying out?

Just like a gym membership, if an app isn’t convenient or doesn’t fit with your lifestyle, you’ll never use it–and it won’t help you any. But if you find one that you like, whether it’s for logging your food, recording your mile times, or just keeping your training schedule, your resolution is going to feel much more achievable.

Here are 5 apps–some for Android, some for iPhone, and some for both–that offer various levels of service and support, from the very basic, to the very comprehensive. Give one or two a test drive to prepare you for the new year!

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    • Olivia Sanders

      In my opinion Hanna, you left out the best one! intelli-diet. Check this app on youtube. It’s awesome. I use it every morning. It tells me what to eat and how much to eat based on foods I have. And…it is customized based on how fast I want to lose. I love technology! Great tools which really help keep you focused. Love it. Here’s a review on youtube for it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qKWu1tP7oA

      • Hanna Brooks Olsen

        Ohh! Thanks for the tip, Olivia! I’ll have to try this one, too.

    • fran maddox

      I am trying to use the Weight Watchers app…. WAY to cludgy. They should look at my fitnessPal if they want to know how to design a new app. Spent 2 hours this AM just trying to put in my raisen bread. WHEW

    • Jackie

      Ohh nice app suggestions! Very glad I came across this list of tips and ideas for 2012 resolutions http://www.skinnyscoop.com/list/larissa/best-ideas-tips-for-your-2012-resolutions

      …I want to make some good resolutions that are realistic and follow through with achieving them!

    • Fitness

      Great Apps! These apps will surely help us in having a healthy living, anywhere.

    • Fab Girl Fitness

      +1 for intelli-diet!