Resolution Rehab: 7 Little Changes You Can Make To Improve Your Health

Most Blisstree readers–as well as most Americans–cite “weight loss” as their primary New Year’s Resolution. But plenty of others have aimed for a more realistic, body-positive goal: get healthier in general. Which can run the gamut, from huge life changes (like opting for a vegan diet) to finally trying out a new workout that’s previously seemed “too hard.” Not everything has to be so epic, though. This year, don’t rule out tiny changes and actions, which can add up to big health rewards.

Focusing on huge returns (like incredible before-and-after pictures, or the ability to suddenly run a marathon) has the tendency to skew our perspective of what’s realistic. Sure, massive overhauls in lifestyle and diet are more likely to deliver big results..but they’re also much harder to stick to for the long run. Little changes, though, are much easier to make into habits, which you’ll keep up with not only for the year, but for your life.

Consider incorporating some of these mini-resolutions into your lifestyle, and see how many stick. You may not be an entirely new person by the end of the year, but that’s probably for the best.

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    • Sanga

      Excellent Post – Realistic and very useful little changes.

    • Bijay smith

      Basically we must change for Improve a health by using a 7 little Tips.

    • Briana Rognlin

      Oooh, love the idea of listening to classical music while you eat…or, at least tuning into a good radio station instead of watching TV or scarfing my food in silence so that I can get on with doing something else. I always find that I enjoy my food more if I actually set the table and put on music, which is nice regardless of whether you’re trying to lose weight or not.

      • Hanna Brooks Olsen

        Isn’t that a cool idea? I’m terrible about eating in front of the TV, too, so when I first heard of this, I was all over it. Hope it works!

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      I feel that instead of making big resolutions for the year and then forgetting them after a while its better to make resolutions which we can follow through out the year.

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