A Snooki Success: ‘I Drink Like Two Pinots Once A Week And I’m Good.’

snooki on ellenPress photos and twitpics revealed a significantly slimmer Snooki this holiday season, but given her reliance on sketchy diet drugs (and promise to reward herself for weight loss with a boob job), we weren’t so convinced that she had the whole healthy living thing down. And yet… Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi does seem to be having some success in cleaning up her act. In an interview to air on Ellen today, she revealed that she’s now drinking far less; tallying her total intake at a moderate two drinks of wine per week.

The Jersey Shore star, known for her public drunkenness and even giving dieting advice that includes vodka, told Ellen that her boyfriend, Jionni LaValle, has been a positive influence:

“When I was 21, I didn’t really care. I would go out like every single weekend and just go crazy,” she told DeGeneres. “Now that I have a boyfriend and I’m in love and I’m 24, I only have a couple of glasses of wine once a week.”

“It’s kind of like, I’ve matured. I still know how to throw down a couple of shots,[but] I prefer to take it easy,” she said. “I drink like two Pinots once a week and I’m good.”

We’re not sure if that means she’s throwing back two shots and a couple glasses of wine every week, but even that would be an improvement for Snooki. And if she’s being honest, it’s probably also part of why she’s been able to drop weight; alcohol doesn’t just contain calories, it throws several hormones out of whack, which gets your appetite and metabolism way off track.

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    • Reid K Hester, Ph.D.

      Most heavy drinkers are not alcoholics and can get motivated to reduce their drinking. And her being upfront about it is commendable.

      • Briana Rognlin

        Definitely — I wouldn’t normally tell anyone to take health advice from a Jersey Shore cast member, but I have to say… she’s got it right this time.