Tracy Anderson Is Pregnant: Here’s Hoping Her Strict Approach Gets A “Metamorphosis”

tracy anderson pregnantTracy Anderson’s strict crazy training and diet advice sculpts some of Hollywood’s hottest (and thinnest) bods: Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Richie are among her top celebrity clients, and her “metamorphosis” program is known for transforming body types. Which is why we’re so curious how the 37-year-old former dancer will handle her pregnancy, announced earlier this week. We hope her own body’s transformation over the next few months will teach her to take a more holistic approach to diet and fitness.

Judging by this abbreviated version of the sample menu Anderson made for Gwyneth Paltrow, part of Anderson’s method is an extremely low-calorie diet; something that’s just not a good idea when you’re fueling the growth of a fetus and preparing for childbirth and breast-feeding:

7 AM: Wake up, have a green tea

BREAKFAST: A Think Thin bar or Clean Shake

8 AM – 9:30 WORKOUT


1 PM LUNCH: healthy wrap made with low-carb, low-calorie Mountain Valley tortillas, 1.5 tablespoons almond butter, chopped dates

AFTERNOON: A small handful of almonds, a GT’s Raw Organic Kombucha, or kale juice

DINNER: Turkey Kale Soup

I love kale juice. Honest. But as a post-workout “meal” or “snack,” it’s lacking in just about every macro-nutrient, including calories.

This won’t be Anderson’s first baby; she has a 10-year-old son from her first marriage to former NBA star Eric Anderson, but it will be the first time that she goes through the process in the public eye. With her career—which centers around her meticulously toned body—at a high point, we just hope she learns to relax and experience pregnancy without stressing over weight gain or the changes it causes in her body.

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    • DW

      Where are the fruits and veggies in this plan? Other than kale juice? Doesn’t seem like nearly enough. That is awful.

    • Naomi/Dragonmamma

      Where’s the protein? Where are the good fats? Where…uh…is the food? I’d be ready to chew my arm off.

    • D.R

      That honestly reads like an anorexic’s food journal.

    • Briana Rognlin

      Glad to see so many BT readers on top of their nutrition!

    • christy

      This is a starvation diet, even for non-pregnant women. It is deficient in nutrients, protein, calories and does not supply what an adult woman would need to be healthy! If she adheres to this while pregnant her baby would be deprived of vital healthy fats and proteins and Tracy’s body would be depleted. It would be extremely dangerous for both of them. I am surprised that someone teaching so many people out there is promoting this!

    • Mickey

      Please tell me there are not people out giving advice similar to this??? A workout and no proteins for muscle restoration, carbs for energy? Once the body ate up all stored fats for energy, it will turn and eat the muscle you’ve been working so hard on.

    • jamie

      tracy’s whole approach is NOT to build muscle: she’s going for “tiny” and is just one of many trainers spreading the fear of “bulk”. so of course there is hardly any protein because that could *gasp* build muscle!

      calorie-wise, it isn’t terrrrrrrible (i’m not saying it is a good plan, a sufficent source of energy or even a decent balance of nutrients, which it clearly isn’t, just that the plan is sustainable, albeit uncomfortable, and likely to ultimately slow metablolism). however, the 90 FREAKING MINUTES of exercise that she prescribes would not be doable on this little fuel.

      this is not an excuse for tracy’s deprivation plan, but it was for movie-role prep, not ordinary-lady life. i’d be interested to see if she prescribes the same diet to the non-actresses who buy her plan.

    • amie nogrady

      Her approach of teeny tiny weights and millions of repetitions make me want to pull out my hair in great, glowering chunks and toss them around the room. Who wants to be “tiny”? Ugh. Spare me that, please. Give me healthy, fit, strong, toned but never that word. We use tiny to describe poodles and other dogs that would fit into purses. I wouldn’t carry one and I sooooo don’t want to be one!

    • erin

      ATTENTION – do a search on Tracy Anderson and scam Indiana. She ripped off hundreds of people in Indiana (where I grew up) It was on national news. So sad she’s still going and never repaid most of them back. Tragic. Just like she is.

    • Lindsay

      Tracy is hands down the WORST trainer of all time. If you follow her diet plan, you will pretty much fry your thyroid as there is no nutritional value at all and you are not even getting 1/3 of the calories you require in a day. This is also the same women who says that running makes you “bulky”. Please name me a professional marathon runner who is “bulky”. As for her clients, yes they are skinny but that’s it. Gwyneth Paltrow has the body of a 13 year old boy. Tracy also has no professional certification and as someone who works in the fitness industry and is a CERTIFIED personal trainer, I’m offended and scared that people actually listen to her as she has NO IDEA what she’s talking about!!

    • Meg

      Tracy is actually a very talented trainer. Her method has worked for thousands of women (including me) and she now is back to her incredible shape post baby. This diet was specifically for Gwyneth’s training period for Ironman 2… and is the ABBREVIATED version… do your homework people. Because Tracy has.