7 Cool Reasons To Use Eco-Friendly Mason Jars For Everything


Earlier today, The Kitchn featured a product called the Cuppow, which is a rubbery lid that goes over Mason and other glass jars to make sipping from them easier. And while the video and images from Cuppow’s website look like they were ripped straight from a popular website with a dirty word in its name, the fact is that this article reminded me that jars are really actually quite awesome, highly eco-friendly, and not, as you may believe, relegated to hipsters. You can even trick them out with a lot of free or inexpensive stuff. So c’mon. Give jars a chance.

Jars are spectacular. You’re still not convinced? Here are 7 reasons why you should immediately begin saving and using them.

What do you use your old jars for? Would you consider making the swap from disposable cups and containers to jars? Let me know in the comments!

Image: Cuppow

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    • Naomi/Dragonmamma

      I love mason jars! Many people toss them because they think they still smell like food, but they don’t: it’s the lid that stays stinky. Most hardware stores carry solid plastic lids for the wide-mouth jars. The standard-size lids are harder to find, but I’ve ordered them from Amazon.

      There is also a kit I’ve been tempted to get for turning a mason jar into a lamp. You can fill the jar with whatever the heck you want to match your decor, then screw on the lid with the lamp parts.

    • Elizabeth Nolan Brown

      I love this post so much. And not just because you call it your ‘Drinkin’ lid” (though that helps).

    • orion70

      Love these, although some I probably wouldn’t do. I also save my glass peanut butter and pickle jars (I don’t buy plastic if I can help it) and they are great for freezing soups and other stuff in individual containers.

      I can also remember my grandfather’s tool shed had a board with jar lids nailed onto it, used for filling small jars with nails and screws and latching them onto the wall for storage.

    • Queenjulie

      You left off the very best thing do to with jars: Make salad-in-a-jar! Seriously, it’s amazing. Check out http://fatgirltrappedinaskinnybody.blogspot.com/2011/10/salad-in-jar-src.html . As long as the dressing is in the bottom and the lettuce doesn’t touch it, it’ll stay good for three or four days. I just started making them, and I’ve been eating salad almost every day!

      • Hanna Brooks Olsen

        Salad in a jar!! What a great idea! Thank you for this suggestion!

    • Somnilee

      I like the idea of keeping a jar in your bag for food peels/scraps, sometimes you’re just not near a bin and you don’t want stuff going all over your bag, you know? My old bag was ruined because some water leaked on some boiled candies that were floating around the bottom.

      • Hanna Brooks Olsen

        Oh, that sounds like a serious bag debacle. Yeah, saving scraps and trash in jars has definitely also saved the lining of more than a few purses!

    • Troy Cono

      how do I just happen to own everything this guy is wearing?
      Doppleganger much?

    • Lightfalling

      Lots of small plastic lids like peanut butter lids fit mason jars,
      One piece, wash easy,
      And FREE!!!!