• Fri, Jan 13 2012

Natural Rx: 7 Foods That Fight Coughs and Colds

Nature is full of sweet (and spicy, and sour) ways to boost your immune system, tame a cough and fight off bad bacteria. Eat your way to better health—or at least brief respite from that hacking cough and mucusy drip—this winter with hefty doses of these 7 foods, spices and natural remedies.

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  • KB

    I make something like fire cider – I mix apple cider vinegar, a tablespoon of cayenne pepper, real honey and a squeeze of lemon juice. I heat it to the temperature I like my tea and gargle it. You CAN drink it, but it tastes awful and I feel like gargling does a better job of numbing my throat and clearing me out.

    • Elizabeth Nolan Brown

      I was wondering if it was meant to be gargled; the Remedy recipe says “drink,” but …