Paula Deen Finally Has Diabetes…And Will Make Millions As A Diabetes Drug Spokesperson

paula deen diabetes

Surprise! Paula Deen has type 2 diabetes—the type most commonly caused by high-fat, high-sugar diets. Just kidding, that wasn’t really surprising at all. But what will shock you is that she’s already set to make a small fortune off her diagnosis, thanks to a multimillion dollar deal with the pharmaceutical company Novartis to be their newest spokesperson. Her food already gave me the creeps, but the way she’s turning profits on an abominably unhealthy lifestyle is just disgusting.

Deen, the 64-year-old “queen of Southern Cuisine,” has long been shameless about her love for unhealthy foods, despite avid public criticism. Why are Americans fat? A lot of people say Paula Deen, or at least the kind of food she’s known for cooking. Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain has called her  “the worst, most dangerous person to America,” and said she should “think twice before telling an already obese nation that it’s OK to eat food that is killing us.” When she released her kids cookbook, Barbara Walters confronted her about why she’s willing to promote a diet that’s clearly connected to childhood obesity. Maya Goodwin and Jocelyn Greer‘s website, PAULADEENISMS, is entirely devoted to calling out her unhealthy recipes.

But her response has never been to modify her cooking; in response to criticisms like Anthony Bourdain’s, she plays her cards as a working class mother:

You know, not everybody can afford to pay $58 for prime rib or $650 for a bottle of wine. My friends and I cook for regular families who worry about feeding their kids and paying the bills … It wasn’t that long ago that I was struggling to feed my family, too.

But as the new spokesperson for Novartis, she may have to change her tune: Diabetes drugs will run you a lot more than healthy food. And many wonder how she’ll handle her breakup with butter; drugs or not, she’ll have to change her diet and cooking to address her new health concerns.

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    • roggiep

      I love Paula Deen, but I was never happy with her food choices, most of them are fried and unhealthy. I think you have to have a responsability to your fans to provide something as healthy as possible.The Angry Trainer writes a great article about the news of her diabetes, etc. some harsh words there but I must agree with him.

    • Girl

      Why do all of your articles have to be so judgmental and woman bashing.

    • Anna

      I urge Paula to get the filmmaker’s Specialized diabetes diet and do not take the medications

      The Anti Obesity drug makers and diabetes drug makers take in 10 billion$$$$ every year with no cure!!

      Food Chemicals are the cause of the diabetes and obesity crisis The FDA and Drug makers know this and are laughing to the Billionaire$$$ bank

      The food chemicals break the gut(insulin) and this is the cause of the diabetes and obesity crisis A filmmaker has been reversing diabetes and Obesity WITHOUT MEDICATIONS in now 10 countries and the drug makers do not promote the story

      just google SPIRIT HAPPY DIET

    • afaf

      clearly, she had it coming

    • Christina

      Ok, seriously now. Paula Deen is not making the nation obese, she is not forcing everyone watching her show to cook and eat what she makes. You voluntarily watch the show and you yourself make and eat the food. Stop being stupid.

    • dorisrp

      sure, pay paula deen millions after you just laid off 1,960 workers.

    • Justice

      I love paula deen! She is the best cook out there! And anyone who is bashing her about her food is obviously stupid. She has a show and makes what she wants! Anyone can have diabetes, so what is wrong with a southern queen having it? nothing! because we are all HUMAN!

    • Kat

      Paula Deen’s a major player in the obesity epidemic? Really? What about the actual factors, like most Americans or entirely over-worked and over-stressed, have sedentary lifestyles when they’re built for continuous physical activity, and then are marketed to by food companies to make them feel like the only way they can indulge/relax is through food? It was happening before Paula Deen came into the picture, and given the biggest problem is in the lower-socioeconomic classes (populations that probably don’t watch a whole lot of Food Network), it seems a bit ridiculous to wish harm on the woman like you’re doing. Nobody “deserves” diabetes, even if they don’t live on your holy mountain top of health.

      • Judy

        Well put, Kat. My daughter is diabetic and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. It’s not always caused by diet. She was a crosscountry runner in high school and college and has always had good healthy eating habits.
        Paula Deen does a whole lot of charitible good with her money. Give the woman a break you mean spirited people!

    • Renae

      I think celebrities like Paula make unhealthy choices seem glamorous or at the least ok. All you see is the glitz, and her personality is enigmatic so for those who are drawn to the “Aww” factor of celebs so they get wrapped up in her shows and recreate her recipes. We have to live within our mind and bodies but unfortunately we have been conditioned to “watch” ourselves from the outside, making choices like Paula’s seem ok……until something like Type 2 Diabetes hits you. Yes, she is set to make a small fortune but what about the poor bastards that follow her cooking advice and have followed down the trail of the onset of diabetes? Are they getting anything? No, just diabetes and bad advice.

    • Wafaa

      This article is kind of mean-spirited and very judgemental!

      Besides, “break-up with butter”? To whoever wrote this article: tt’s type 2 diabetes i.e. pancreas being worn out by years of insulin resistance from too much sugar and refined carbohydrates.
      Butter never had anything to do with diabetes, and studies indicate that eating butter and other good fats actually lowers blood glucose levels.

      I personally enjoy cooking with butter, coconut oil, olive oil, and ghee. I make a point of staying away from too much sugar and carbs. My dad follows a similar line, and his health and weight at age 60, according to his latest full medical testing, thankfully, is just great.

      • sabri

        High fat (buttery) diets can cause obesity, which can lead to leptin resistance, which can in turn cause uninhibited insulin production and eventually insulin resistance. You’re right that fats can be beneficial in moderation, but too much can in fact cause diabetes II.

    • louise webb

      The United States is the only country that makes a religion out of food; with a variety of doctrines, high priests/priestesses, and a penchant for demonizing certain foods. Many countries, like France, for example, have diets that abound with fats and sugar, but do not suffer with the high rates of diabetes, heart disease, or obesity that we do. There are, fortunately, a few doctors trained in nutrition who are rare voices of moderation. One of them has a aphorism: ‘if your grandparents didn’t eat it, you shouldn’t either’. Not a few in the field of nutrition believe that the real problem is the chemicals that are in our processed foods and the lack of exercise in most American’s lives. Making steak, or chocolate cream pie, the enemy is missing the boat; as long as we eat unadulterated foods and get up off our duffs and exercise, if we have decent genes, we should all live to ripe old ages.

    • Wendy

      Sorry, haters-of-fat people, but diabetes is NOT caused by obesity! Researches have clearly found that it is 100% a genetic disease. The vast majority of obese people do not have and will never have diabetes, and 30% of diabetics are not and have never been overweight. There are at least 8 genes associated with type 2 diabetes, and there are several environmental toxins associated with type 2 diabetes.

      Stop blaming the victim. Stop using our disease to push your expensive weight loss regimen (I’m looking at YOU, Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers!). Stop. If you haven’t read anything about diabetes except articles in mainstream media that are paid for by either diet companies or drug companies then you are NOT qualified to judge a diabetic person.

      Oh, and lastly? People have a right to engage in unhealthy behaviors if they wish. This includes eating poorly and a sedentary lifestyle, but also includes other such unhealthy behaviors as skydiving, playing football (huge injury rate!), skiing, using power tools, etc. Life has risks and people are allowed to take what risks they choose in order to live their own life in whatever manner brings them joy!

      • Niki

        Not only that, but perhaps if fresh, healthy food and the time to cook from scratch and avoid premade and processed food wasn’t available only to those with the substantial extra funds to afford it, then we wouldnt have such a widespread problem with weight and health in america.

        it is sad when buying enough fresh veggies to feed a family for 1 day will cost as much as several day’s worth of pre-made stouffer’s crap – and many families simply can’t afford the difference.

    • Judith

      You are wrong Wendy. There are a number of causes for diabetes and genetics is only one. It is very common in over weight people. I lost 101 lbs. and no longer have to take medication and only have blood tests once a year. The weight loss did it for me and keeping it off.
      I made a complete lifestyle change that has no room for moderation.

    • Judith

      It makes me sick she will be a spokesperson making money from the drug company when she makes a mockery out of still cooking her way and thinking moderation is good enough. Just because you are not in pain doesn’t mean diabetes isn’t affecting your internal organs and in my case eye sight. She will have to hit rock bottom before she gets what she needs to be doing. There is a huge conflict with her weight, being diabetic, and cooking those meals that are so wrong for any lifestyle.