Does It Matter If Angelina Jolie Was Too Skinny At Last Night’s Golden Globes?

When Angelina Jolie stepped on the red carpet at last night’s Golden Globe Awards, all eyes were not on her dress or her hair (as per the usual superficiality of these events), but instead, some people were focused on her weight–or lack of it.

While the 36-year-old always manages to look stunning, fans couldn’t help but comment on how thin she appeared.

Hollywood Life wrote:

It was also how scary SKINNY she looked! Not only did her waist look incredibly tiny, but her arms looked like toothpicks! She looked absolutely emancipated with her protruding collarbones. We’re worried about Angie’s weight.

Twitter fans also sounded off about Jolie’s appearance:

@RockChalkGirl, posted:

Angelina Jolie looks sickly. Being thin is one thing. Being that thin is just too much.

@elispeights tweeted:

totally agree, WAY too thin. Bones are not sexy people.

@Pinky_w_a_Brain wrote:

white made her look more emaciated if that’s possible.

And @CorBowden added:

I agree!! Undoubtably too thin.

One theory on Jolie’s thinness has been her dedication to helping the poor. In a recent issue of US Weekly, they talked about why the actress was “starving herself”:

The U.N. goodwill ambassador, 36, who travels the globe meeting the poor, ‘puts herself on fasts to make statements for the children she visits.’ She says, ‘If they can’t eat, I can’t eat.’ The busy mother of six ‘does different cleanses from around the world. It’s very dramatic, but that’s how she gets.’

So is this really an issue of unhealthiness, or is Jolie’s weight no one’s business? It’s true that the Golden Globes are supposed to honor celebrities and focus on the fine work they do in their careers, not how they dress or how their bodies look, but that’s just not reality. Right or wrong, people will probably always focus on the stars’ appearances–especially if there is someone who stands out for being too unhealthy.

On the one hand, all of this scrutiny is unfortunate because it seems to discredit the actress and her talent. On the other hand though, these celebrities are role models for girls and women everywhere, and they have a certain responsibility to be a positive, healthy icon.

Tell us what you think. Should we focus more on Jolie’s career than her body?

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    • YFC

      I think she looked Stunning! She is very tall..Need a bit more muscle..But so Beautiful :)

    • Kay

      Angelina looks GORGEOUS! ..

      ..Comments about Ms. Jolie’s weight (OR ANYBODY’S!) is offensive and basically NONE OF OUR BUSINESS! How about WE worry about our OWN health/body structure, and let others worry about theirs!

    • Chichi Kix

      A woman’s health is between her and her doctor, and this obsession with commenting on women’s bodies only reinforces the idea that looks matter to ALL women. We tear each other down, scrutinize and criticize instead of engaging & promoting self-love, acceptance and pride.

      Awards season always keeps me away from Twitter, since there’s always something negative o say about someone. Whether or not she’s healthy, happy or suffering is between her and her doctor. Commenting on her body does little to help the bigger issues: it merely allows people to lift themselves up (as all put downs do). You cannot gauge a woman’s health by how she looks, and you can suffer from an eating disorder and be overweight as well – associating body types with a mental disorder allows sufferers to go undiagnosed, and is a bit of a slap in the face for those who know all too well that eating disorders are deadly, all emcompassing, body-hiding, shame inducing, horrific diseases that do not let go.

      Margaret Cho went on an AWESOME (profane, but awesome) tirade this week about those who dare comment on other people’s bodies (namely hers, but she defended us all). She reminded us that little girls learn how to hate their bodies from all of us. Comments like the one’s made about Angelina let girls know that people are judgmental, that there’s a right way to have a body, that looks matter, and that healthy has a “correct” size. Some of the comments are downright cruel and should be considered bullying. They’re also FULL of triggers for those who have suffered (and are suffering) from eating disorders.

      The only way we’re gonna win this war is through love, not hate. Hating each other, criticizing each other, and putting other women down only weakens us, and takes energy away from doing the very things that can SAVE us. I hate commenting on anyone, but can’t help but notice the lack of positivity (Jane Fonda looked amazing in her 70′s, Felicity Huffman rocked sick biceps & shoulders, and Glee’s Amber Riley exuded confidence and grace with her curves). All three send messages to women that I find positive, and can smile about. But they clearly didn’t rock Twitter land.

      I love that you guys post these topics, and that you’re always demanding critical thought from your readers! Great post yet gain!

      • Emilie @

        @Chichi Kix
        So well said! I love this comment :)

    • Emilie @

      There’s a lot going on here, and I think it really underscores the fact that the issue of women’s weights (or celebrities’ weights) is not a black/white issue. In this particular case, I definitely don’t feel like I could say whether it matters or not. On one hand, it seems like when it comes to female celebrities in the media, they’re either too fat or too thin; and it would be a different question entirely if the media were celebrating her physique. in that case, chances are good we’d be saying that yes, she’s too thin, and the media is irresponsible for putting her on a pedestal because she doesn’t have a body type that many women are capable of achieving. As it is, I think when the question is clearly *just* about a celeb’s weight, it’s not really any of our business.

      On the other hand, though, that theory about Angelina starving herself because she’s raising awareness for hunger across the globe–if that’s really the case, then the idea is that we’re supposed to care, and that seeing her in that state will make us sit up and notice what’s going on. Who knows if that’s really her intention, though? And if it is, is it the best way to raise awareness?

      Then there’s the question of whether focusing on her body takes away from the focus on her career–of course it does. But this also plays into what I mentioned above. Does she want us focusing on her body in order to make us think about global issues? Is the media just being hyper-judgy? There’s a lot that’s being touched on here, and although I can say that her career should come before her looks, female celebrities are very rarely praised for their career accomplishments while walking a red carpet. Lots to think about!

    • HS

      Hollywood Life said she looked “emancipated,” huh? Well – great for her!! She does seem rather “freed of constraints,” doesn’t she! (I believe the word they are looking for is “emaciated”) Nothing like journalism at it’s best… If you’re going to slam someone for his/her appearance, at least get the vocab right! And I think she’s stunning.

      • Kj

        Hahahahaha… how did that one get past the editor?!

    • maria

      Not too thin. Stop thin-shaming (or jealousy?). Some people just look like that naturally. and they hate being told that they “need” to do something about it.

      • Max

        Because who wouldn’t be jealous of an anorexic, right?

    • Donna

      I think it matters because she’s an influential human being. You can’t just care about the work; you have to care about the person. Otherwise you’ll be doing tributes to her work after her young death. Also, she’s an image that’s held up as beauty defined in our culture. When she allowed that…when she encouraged it, she accepted the responsibility that comes with it. We have enough young girls starving themselves to try to look like her and others. As long as the media (and others who have commented here) hold her up and say “beautiful” or “gorgeous,” responsible, caring people and media have to qualify that by saying, “but unhealthy and unwise”.

    • Nicole

      If people are hasseled about being over weight and unhealthy whats the difference with saying someone is underweight and unhealthy? No one needs to be “perfect” just healthy!

    • BeenThere

      She is thin, but not too thin, IMO. I love her look, her dedication to helping others, and being a mom to six kids! I think she’s beautiful and she has finally found the love and family she always wanted. She is talented both as an actress and a director and I wish her the best in all her future endeavors. Brad is lucky to have her!

    • Yasmin

      she looked “emancipated”
      i’m all for emancipation tbh

    • Martha Kreeger

      Yes, it is none of our business, as any celebrity’s life is none of our business. Loving yourself enough to eat is a good thing though. I wish that a discussion about caring for yourself enough to eat was a part of the discussion whenever this is discussed so that others who see her don’t think, “wow, this is a great way to look”…but instead see her and say “wow, that’s god awful and many of the starving kids around the world should be fed to keep them from wasting away and dying”. She wants to have an impact on the way we see the world. This is what starvation looks like. Starving people are not attractive. They are dying.

      • Martha Kreeger

        I personally think Jolie is awesome, her films are amazing and that she has so much compassion and drive is something we should all aspire to. She cares about starving people, she wants to be a face for saving starving people. I am AMAZED by her dedication and by the very clear message.

      • Irma A Navarro

        Angelina is trying to send a message save the children that are dying from starvation and theirs many places on heart to help out. I would be a fool to judge someone that is doing something already. ” I tell you, what does it matter how we look like or what do we wear? You’re all forgething why we are all here? ” To Help Others”. What does it mean to you when you are buying expensive cars, houses, rings expesive clothing? does it make u feel better about yourself that smile would only last maybe 1 hour, or do what is right open your eyes and look around your house next go to youtube go to people in starvation…. you can go see for your self how different our lifes are. “I am not rich but i see people and try my best to help anyone in need i always see the news or pictures on walls it hurts me i don’t have a plane, but if somebody would offer my help i would go”. Maybe this could be the last year to make something good like blessing a child, a family a pet showing love to does in need. Would you do anything if this was the last year? or would you just spoiled yourself? LISTEN TO YOUR HEART IN GODS NAME AMEN!

    • Mememe

      haha @ emancipated

      You mean emaciated I’m sure…

      I’m sure she will be fine it’s none of our business…

    • Hi

      Skinny…Yet she has this elegance and confidence about her..