Tabloids Claim Miley Cyrus Spent $50k To Lose 15 Pounds; This Is A Horrible Message For Girls.

miley cyrus weight lossGossip sites are saying that Miley Cyrus has lost weight in January, and according to In Touch Weekly, she paid $50,000 to do it. But it’s not the money that shocks me (although the figure does make me wonder why I’m not in the business of personal training); it’s the fact that she supposedly lost 15 pounds in two weeks. No matter how many experts you enlist to help you do it, losing that much weight that rapidly is just dangerous.

In Touch says Miley was determined to lose the weight for her apearance at the January 11 Peoples Choice Awards, and her recent beach vacation with boyfriend Liam Hemsworth, in Hawaii. They quoted “a pal” of Miley’s as saying:

“Miley probably spent $50,000 to lose 15 pounds in a few weeks,” the friend says. “She didn’t care what it cost as long as she looked good!”

Said pal also informed them that the five-figure weight loss plan involved her trainer, Harley Pasternak, a nutritionist, and a personal chef, which is at least a healthier approach than Beyonce’s master cleanse, but still: Just because a trainer and nutritionist involved doesn’t make rapid weight loss any less damaging.

Now, Miley Cyrus isn’t exactly shopping around her story to the media like Snooki or some Victoria’s Secret Models, so she’s hardly to blame for promoting unhealthy weight loss methods to her young fans. But tabloids that call out her weight—then claim they know exactly how much weight she lost and how long it took—only send bad messages to women and girls.

The fans who look up to Miley are still just girls, and at just 19 years old, so is she; with the exception of those struggling with child obesity (which she’s not, clearly), this isn’t an age group that should be worried about extreme diets or significant weight loss. But stories like these promote an obsession with weight and looks, and build up myths about weight loss and health.

For the record, it’s highly unlikely that Miley—who was thin to begin with—lost 15 pounds on her already-small frame. And either way: 15 pounds in two weeks is only in the “healthy” range for someone who’s extremely obese. For most women, losing two pounds per week is a good maximum goal.

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    • Micki

      Come on. She’s not a big girl. And in her last bikini pics a few weeks before this she looked in beautiful shape. There’s no way she lost 15 lbs. Maybe 5 or 10 and some toning up. There’s always these “sources”.

      • Briana Rognlin

        Exactly, Micki… I don’t know where tabloids find these “pals” that inform them down to the number of pounds and personal training budget, but I find this all hard to believe. So, not only is it feeding into inaccurate myths about weight loss, it’s also based on totally sketchy evidence. Way to go, In Touch!

    • SMILER4evs

      HolY Crap! Miley wouldn’t do tht obvi she didn’t loose tht much as you guys exaggerate up there^^ nd her friend was just giving an example of how determined Miley was, not literally wht she did. God get a clue -.-”

    • LOL

      Doesn’t Miley strips down to her lingerie in new movie LOL with Demi Moore .Know wonder Miley’s boobs are looking bigger all of a sudden and Miley has lost weight, must be for her up coming movie LOL.

    • Ryan Parker

      She does look a smidgen smaller doesn’t see? I’d bet its for that new movie. That 50k is just a bit of a carrot or work as a motivation device. I believe that every successful weight loss program must have something to deal with motivation.

      I was diagnosed as pre-diabetic late 2009 and the doctors told me that if I didn’t get my life in order I had to take insulin jabs everyday. It really scared me into action. This was motivation enough for me.

      I’ve personally lost 180lbs since Dec 2009. My blood pressure was 160/110, now its 120/80. My cholesterol was 256 mg/dL, now its 176mg/dL. I’m no longer Pre-Diabetic and I’m in the best shape of my life. It wasn’t easy but I can say that everyone can do it if they have the right program.

      If you’re interested in my story please head over to


      Ryan E. Parker

    • Elizabeth Nolan Brown

      When I first read this title, I thought you meant she was PAID $50,000—by, like, some outside party—to lose 15 lbs.

    • Malanion

      Miley looks like a pug dog in that pic!