Poll: Is The Nike Fuel Band Worth The $149 Price Tag?

Earlier today, I confessed my consumerist love for the Nike Fuel Band, which was announced this morning, and is currently on pre-sale for a limited time on their website. Nike’s been pretty stealthy about the cost–not surprising, considering that, at $149, it’s kind of steep for a bracelet that may not be far off the pedometer that you’d get free with a Prevention subscription.  Am I ridiculous for actually considering dropping that much cash on something that might not be that novel? Is it worth it, despite its flaws?

The Fuel Band definitely has its perks–it’s got a sweet USB charger, can be synced up to all of your devices, and generally looks awesome for setting goals and then tracking them. It’s also got little lights on, which is good if, like me, you live somewhere where, half the year, it’s dark by 5pm.

But…it’s also kind of just a pedometer with LEDs and a calorie counter. It doesn’t monitor your heart rate (I don’t think), and it doesn’t have a stopwatch feature. If I really wanted to, I could get most of the information that the Fuel Band offers with a cheap step-counter and the diligent use of a free and app program, like the Daily Burn or SparkPeople. In fact, I could possibly get more. And still have $15o left over to spend on something nice, like a pair of expensive lululemon pants.

There’s also the “early adopter” concern that comes with any new technology. It’s like everyone who bought the first iPad and then realized it didn’t have a camera and was actually not that cool and immediately wished they’d waited a little while for the next generation. Will the Fuel Band 2.o have all of the nifty stuff that this one doesn’t? It’ll probably be the same price by the time they roll it out.

And yet, I, like the rest of the Nike nerds and fitness bloggers who were quick to write on the subject, want it more than I can explain. It’s so cool! And it lights up! And it will make everyone who sees me out running and dancing and doing yoga (because it can track all of those things, not just running!) know that I take my goals very seriously!

So, what do you think? Is it worth spending this much on a fitness tracker? Should we wait until another generation is released? Are all of us who are clamoring for one being silly Nike-loving ninnies? Let me know.

Want to know what others have been saying? Here’s a Nike Fuel Band review roundup  that we put together to help you get a better idea.

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Image: Nike

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    • P90xfit

      I want one..

      • Briana Rognlin

        Did you order one? I want to hear more reviews before I send in my CC #, but I’m curious if they’re selling a lot tonight…

    • Teresa

      I don’t get it… why not get a BodyMedia Fit for the same price. It tells you a lot more. It may not look as slick, but it certainly seems more useful.

      • p90xfit

        while the BodyMedia Fit seems like a great device, keep in mind there is a $7.00 a month tax to use it. I do like the fact that it tracks sleeping, however I am would love to know how it gos about doing that…. Movement perhaps? Or rather a slow heartbeat?

    • p90xfit

      No, I’m looking at the fitbit, the NPFB has a cool factor to it, but the fitbit seems to have a few more useful things, not to mention that word on the net is the nike+ website sucks, where as the fitbit web site is super easy to use. I’m torn, I wish I know how the band collects the data, and how accurate it really is. I read something about kinetic oxygen in the blood or something like that, but that does not explain much, they need to put out more information for me to pull the trigger. They also need an android app, and lower the price! $99 would do..

      • Jamie

        i’ve had the nike+ run thingamabob for a while now, and i really don’t like the nike website. it is slow to load and not that intuitive. i just ordered an iphone (consumer!) and am going to use an app for running rather than buying yet another nike+ thing (i have to replace the thingy that goes in the shoe at least once a year due to battery death).

    • uhoh

      I like it and I’m in the market for something like this, but $150 seems like a bit much. Looks like you have to press a button to even see what time it is. And it’s just an accelerometer, like you said an iPhone in your pocket could do something similar for free, this is just a convenient display. Since it is an accelerometer you’d think it could display the time for ~5 seconds if you moved your arm a certain way.

      Sorry but it needs to be cheaper and cooler. It’s a small band which is a little girly IMHO. $75 would be much better.

      Oh and I’m familiar with Nike’s “up to four days”. My Nike+ was suppose to last 1,000 hours. It only lasted 30.

    • Ed

      ya it does look cool, and i love the nike stuff, but im currently using the fitbit (www.fitbit.com) and it i can stick it in my pocket and go about my day and it tracks my steps and pace and calories burned and for the low price of 99 bucks ! ya think i’d have to wait for the nex gen to come out

    • Plazmic Flame

      I’m tempted to get this. Bought the Fitbit tracker but the damn PC software won’t even work so now I have a $100 paper clip.

    • Manchester Mike

      Nokia N8 phone plus free Wellness Diary gives automatic pedometer while phone is in your pocket (also allows tracking of weight, fish, veg consumption, stress markers etc) . Free Sportstracker app also allows you to track and record walks, cycle rides – recording a map of your run/ride, and uploading it to their website (plus any photos you may have taken along the way) This app gives calories consumed, energy expenditure, averages, peaks etc. All this IF you have the right phone. Probably similar available on other platforms.
      $150 for the Nike Fuel Band to get flashing lights as well? I don’t think so.

    • Gene

      Should have a heart monitor incorporated into the its other features.

    • Linda

      Not gonna purchase it the fit bit is way way!!!! better it even tracks calories while I sleep. It has a food logger and an app as well. keeps my activities, calories, steps taken. and even tells me how many times I woke up during the night. Sorry nike you need to do one step better, plus the fit bit is cheaper.

    • Sean Hennette

      Check out eBay…people are paying up to 549 for one of these glorified pedometers. I’ll wait till the rush is over and get one for half the price….or wait till 2.0 comes out with a pulse rate monitor + stopwatch.

    • neeke

      it should have diamonds on it somewhere. atleast one. then it’ll be worth it. but i like name brand stuff too. so it really depends.

    • Phil Meehan

      I have a body media fit and love it. It works in 900 different ways to find out how you are doing. The coolest ways it does this is by heat flux ( body core temperature) and heart rate.n it is also awesome how it shows sleep efficiency. Much more for your money and at Costco for cheap.

    • Scott G

      Hopefully my thoughts and hours of reading many articles, blogs and reviews will help you pick the best device for you. Or at least give you some things to consider.

      I looking at purchasing the Nike Fuel Cell, Fitbit and Body Media, Core.

      -From my understanding I will have to tell the fuel cell what my activity will be while it tracks a minor amount of data for $150.00.. really! For that price Nike should track the data of current models in the market… I’m sure they are betting on the name branding of Nike to sell more products. Don’t get me wrong, I love Nike!! But remember the first iPhone? Many features were missing and it was impossible to return the item. This is not uncommon with the first product release.

      -Fitbit seems to track much more data than the fuel cell and very similar amount of data to the body media, Core. I also like that the Fitbit syncs wireless, and can be connected to my Fitness Pal account. I really like this! I also really like to size of the Fitbit unit and I won’t have an indention in my arm (Body Media) which is not appealing to me. The Fitbit is $99.00 which I also like.

      -The Body Media Core tracks a lot of data like the Fitbit but I have read from many users that the customer service is terrible. That is a turn off for me! Also many users don’t like the arm band because of the indention it makes on their arm due to the number of hours being worn. I like the body media for the price of the core at Costco $169.00. Other versions as low as $129.00 from Costco. Costco also allows for easy return if needed. I also like that you can get custom skins for your body media but I don’t like the size of the unit because it is to large.

      -All-in-all, I like the Fitbit and will place on order for my new device. Yea!
      - Time will tell if the Nike Fuel Cell will meet the needs of the athletes, weight loss masses and wallets.

    • Kam

      I work with pacemakers that help increase heart rates based on accelerometers and the flaw is when biking it doesn’t see enough motion to help get the rate up so unless you flail your arms while biking will you get an accurate calorie count? Same with going up stairs and the like. Will it be fooled if you are driving down a bumpy road? Without a heart rate tracker it really does seem a little outlandish but the concept is in the right direction.

    • Waqas Khan