Think You’re Too Sick To Exercise? Here’s How You Can Tell.

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    • Ellen W.

      Um, please don’t come to the gym if you’re contagious. There was a guy who sounded like he had croup who was climbing the rock wall I usually use.

      • Briana Rognlin

        Such a good point! Gyms are one of the most germy places we go, and it’s super gross when you see someone wiping their snot on their hands and then touching all the machines you’re about to use.

        Then again… sometimes all I want when I’m sick is to go sit in the sauna or steam room at my gym. Which probably makes me a horrible person…

      • Ellen W.

        We’ll give you a special pass for the steam room. :)

    • Pro-Fit Xpert

      yeah the only time i won’t go to the gym is when i have chills and aches or a headache, basically anytime i feel like a flu is starting to come on. But if i have a cold or cold systems then i still will go because sometimes the best thing you can do is go workout since working out raises helps you to sweat the cold out and relieve the symptoms for awhile. Check me out @